The Power Of Great Novels

The imagination and incredible skills of these authors have left us all breathless - 8 years ago by

Who doesn’t love a good book? Honestly, there is nothing better than the thrill of a masterfully done novel. Whether you love to read them or to write them, good novels are always making us get lost in a perfectly detailed absolutely new world, it doesn’t even matter if it is fictional or real. It makes us crave for more. It gives us chills every twenty or so pages. Here is a list dedicated to our all-time favorite different types of novels and some ideas if you are struggling to what to read or write.



These novels have one single and simple goal – to give us the exact emotion from its name, to make our hearts beat uncontrollably fast. Turning page after page and vigorously trying to get to the bottom of it. It is usually a story about some kind of a crime that is about to be committed or a natural disaster that the hero must prevent at all costs and usually just in time. One of the greatest in this genre is Tom Clancy with his remarkable “The Hunt for Red October” amongst many more. Here’s a list of the best thriller novels of all time -



Much like the thriller this particular genre is mainly focused on inserting its name alongside some fear and dread in our hearts. Whether it is a crazy psychopath serial killer or a supernatural force or some kind of a monster, horror writers always manage to leave us breathless and give us many sleepless nights. The undeniable king of horror Stephen King is a perfect example of the art of scaring the bejesus out of people! Here are King’s most terrifying books -



This kind of novels is all about love. Most commonly two people with some past issues meet each other, fall in love and go through all kinds of obstacles in order to get their happy ending. But don’t let that simplified description fool you, some of the most emotionally charged novels are romances and they can have a great story with a little mixture of all other styles build into it. A perfect example here is the immortal, evergreen bestseller of Jane Austin – “Pride and Prejudice”. The best romance novels of all time -



And of course, arguably the biggest hits in recent years are the ones with a fantastic motive. Science fiction and mysteries rule the world nowadays, as it stimulates our imaginations and let us go beyond any established boundaries. Whether there are aliens invading the planet, or finding life on other planets or time travel or just creating a different version of reality with a dystopian society, those authors are the ones getting the biggest paychecks these days. Here are some good dystopian books for you to read -