Dos And Don'ts For Dealing With Anger

Anger is no better than the green-eyed monster we call jealousy. As many wise men have already put it simply, anger is only a weakness. - 8 years ago by

Anger is no better than the green-eyed monster we call jealousy. As many wise men have already put it simply, anger is only a weakness. It is so, but still, anger is a feeling that usually clouds your judgment and leads to making risky decisions that usually have bad consequences. In order to avoid making unforgivable mistakes that will have a long-time effect on your life and relations with other people, it is important to learn to overcome anger and remain patient in tense situations. Scientists have prooved that anger can damage you mentally and physically due to it produces the same negative influence as stress.

Don't let anger dictate your life and destroy your emotional balance.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with some advice how to handle rage using simple self-help techniques. 


What makes people get angry?

Usually frustration, the lack of fairness, willingness, attention and appreciation can drive us mad. Angry people demand all these things but in the most inappropriate and sometimes offensive way.


Here are some tips to help you keep anger at bay.

Try to relax

When you feel like filled with anger, try using these tools that could make you calm.

  • Take a deep breath, from your diaphragm. Breathe-in, breathe-out, repeat.

  • Count to 60. Most people claim this as not such a powerful technique but for you it might work, so don't hesitate to give it a try.

  • Think of something nice. Imagine you're in some place better surrounded with beauty and nice company. Or, you might think of a phrase such as "take it easy", "calm down" and repeat it till it works on you. 

  • Watch a relaxing experience. It is scientifically proven that watching kittens play or listen to them purr has a remarkably positive effect on humans and instantly kills the stress vibes.

For more on Kitten Therapy click here


Change the environment

If you have problems at work or the responsibilities weigh too much on you, which makes you angry, perhaps you should consider getting out of this stressful environment, at least for a while. If there is no option to work from home, use your lunch break to get away of the office. This is a good way to ease the anger.


Change the way you think

This is called cognitive restructuring. Raged people tend to call others with names, curse, swear and shout. These actions reflect their thoughts defined by the angry emotions coming from inside. Try to remember that anger won't make things right. On the contrary, it is likely to worsen everything. There are specific types of people who not only tend to call others with unpleasant names but also humiliate them, which is utterly unacceptable behavior, let alone unprofessional, so think before you speak. Logic beats anger every time. Therefore, each time you experience angry feelings make the best of you to overcome them and see things from a more balanced perspective. Logic will help you find the right solution to any problem.


Along with the things you can do to overcome anger, it's important to know the things that you should NOT do when angry.


Post angry statements on the social network.

Doing so is a pretty good way to damage your virtual reputations which might cause a negative impact on your career. Besides, you might also suffer a repulse from your virtual friends. 


Make important decisions

It is really not a good time to make life-changing decisions when you are overwhelmed with angry emotions. Anger makes you unable to think wisely and assess the situation from a clear perspective.


Fall into unhealthy habits

When it comes to dealing with aggression vast majority of people turn down to bad habits. It is true when they say that old habits die hard, especially the bad ones, but still, anger doesn't give you an excuse to start drinking or smoking again, for example.



Under no circumstances should angry people drive a vehicle. When raged at something people impulsively get in a car and drive for a little while, hoping that will push the bad feeling away. Truth be told, stressed and raged people are highly likely to cause an accident  by driving in such condition and lose control. So if you are suffering a moment of huge intolerable anger, don't get yourself behind the wheel. Think of the safety of your life and the lives of other people that might be put in danger.


It's vital to learn how to control anger before it controls you.