Kitten Therapy: The Prescription For Stress

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“Books. Cats. Life is Good.” - Edward Gorey

It is a well-known fact  that cats’ purring has an amazing anti-stress effect on humans. If you are under a lot of stress, but you can’t afford to have a cat, a solution can still be found for your problems. For example, there are CDs available for purchase on the Internet as well as in bookstores. On the CDs you will find soothing gentle sounds of kittens purring. Moreover, there is a newly developed project whose purpose in helping people reduce stress levels. Apparently, several cute kittens are the secret ingredient that lowers tension and anxiety. The project is named "Kitten Therapy: The Prescription for Stress" and it provides people with high dosage of cuteness. Strangers selected on a random basis were invited to enter a big glass cell. Firstly, they were given headphones with soothing purring sounds coming out of them. Then people in the cell got pleasantly surprised to see adorable kittens coming in ready to play games.

Another efficient way to deal with stress is taking in a virtual therapy with kitties. It is scientifically proven that watching kittens playing on video brings great relief. Indeed, kittens are the best medicine for stress.

Trivial as it may seem, cats purring is a complex and somewhat enigmatic wonder of nature. Long ago, our ancestors believed that purring was due to vibrations of the felines' diaphragm or larynx. A modern theory suggests that there is a link between purring and turbulence transmitted by blood movement. Purring makes the whole feline body vibrate.

What are the benefits of purring?

  • AIDS patients who look after cats are far less likely to become overwhelmed with depression than those without cats or any pet.
  • The odds are high that patients prone to heart diseases who have a cat companion will live longer than those without.
  • Children, who are given the chance to take care of a kitty or other pet animal at early age cultivate valuable habots like responsibility.
  • People suffering from high blood pressure who have adopted a cat overcome anxiety a lot more easier.
  • Kids suffering health issues similar to asthma breathe easier when they have a cute little kitty around. Cats as well as dogs lower the risk of allergies, asthma or eczema.
  • Listening to cats purring is the perfect natural remedy for anxiety, stress, insomnia and nervous outbursts.


In 2003 through a series of experiments, scientists draw the conclusion that vibration emitted by cats’ purring from 20 to 140 Hz relieves pain and has a healing effect on inflammation. Plus, it fights against uneasiness, tenseness and depression.

In order to enjoy these benefits to the full you can cuddle with your cat, perhaps rub her/him on the belly a little bit so she/he could make some purring. Then you just lay down beside her/him, listen and relax.

You may do this in some other ways such as listening to purrs on the Internet or on a CD.

In many countries across the globe you may find the so-called “cat cafes” - places where people drop by for a while, sit peacefully drinking tea or coffee enjoying the company of a number of beautiful pedigreed cats. You can watch the fluffy friends play or sleep. History says that the first cat cafe was found in 1998 in Taiwan. Today, there are cozy cat cafes in Singapore, Canada, The U. S. , France, UK , Hungary Japan, Korea and Thailand. Offering nice calming environment these places attract hundreds of visitors.

How kittens reduce stress so easily without costing them a thing, no one can tell. That must be science. Truth is that these cute fluffy creatures have an amazing super power to make humans feel good and this is priceless.