Why Positivity Matters And How To Turn Negative Thoughts Into Good Vibes

Positive thoughts influence the world around us and bring about positive circumstances. - 8 years ago by

You have probably heard some psychologists say that our thoughts shape the reality we experience in a certain way. Positive thoughts influence the world around us and bring about positive circumstances. In fact, an entire industry was built upon this premise.

Having a positive outlook does not narrow down to just being happy. Positive attitude adds value to your overall behavior in general. It also is the driving force to developing valuable skills that will help you gradually grow confident and believe in yourself. Building happiness is the best advantage you can accomplish in your life.


The best way to understand why positivity is considered greatly important is to be familiar with the benefits it brings about. Use these ideas and concepts to calm your potential and derive the ultimate pleasure out of life.

  1. Positive thinkers are confident and enjoy high self-esteem which a significant factor for accomplishing success and prosperity later in life. Moreover, confident people make great leaders
  2. Optimistic people who get married have higher chances to stay together as long as possible.
  3. People having great self-image are recognized as reliable when it comes to making tough decisions, taking over control on difficult situations, handling responsibilities and working well when put under stress and pressure.
  4. Positivity helps pull yourself together and survive through hardships and misfortune.
  5. Pleasant emotions create a positive impact on your life and they usually come as a result of positive thinking.  If you want to know why you are not happy ask yourself are you feeling angry most of the time? Anger nurtures negative thinking and prevents you from living your life the way you deserve.
  6. Naturally, positivity enhances ambition and desire to progress intellectually and professionally.
  7. It is scientifically proven that people who see things on the bright side in most of the time live a decade longer than those who don’t. Therefore, if you are willing to increase your lifespan, try not to worry so much, especially about things that are beyond your control.
  8. People love to be around positive thinkers for which they enjoy much social support.
  9. Optimism leaves significant effect on common health. It helps handle depression and distress easily.
  10. Positive attitude is a good way to improve problem-solving skills. The better you become in dealing with tough situations, the greater your chances are to succeed in career and life.
  11. Experiencing positive feelings like love and affection develops the sense of possibility; it encourages people to look for other ways in order to solve a problem or deal with tough situation.  To put it simply, positivity make you see things in perspective. Being able to see the bigger picture put you in one step ahead.
  12. Positive people appreciate what they have. They are less critical, but more into things that hold value.
  13. Optimistic people usually are head and shoulders above their co-workers because positivity mindset enhances their focus and clear vision.  


How to turn negative thoughts into positive experience

Here is a concept everyone can benefit to calm their potential and derive the ultimate pleasure out of life.

I.  Focus on what is right in your life instead of what's wrong. Stop dwelling on the past. Nurture the habit of focusing on the things that matter, what you have that is valuable and others don't. Such habits form the chain of your character, of who you will become in not very distant future and how you'd end up living your life.

II.  Are you open to experiment? If you do, then consider trying the following: spend 5 days without having a single negative thought. The moment you realize you start thinking negatively, push it away and focus on something good. The aim of this experiment is to grow more committed to the idea of positive thinking. This is a good way to make the first steps of fostering useful habits and gradually turn your negative outlook on life into positive. 

If you are a heavy negative thinker, it will probably take time and patience to become as much committed to the idea as necessary, but in the long run it will be worth it, you'll see.

Human mind is based on emotions to a great extent, and most of them can be hard to control. Having a positive outlook allows you to stay open to new, ideas, opportunities and resolutions, which helps you grow flexible in different kinds of situations.

Set your mind free, live for the moment and be happy!