What Is The Illuminati

It is usually referred to as a secret society. This is actually not the case as it is only a society with secrets. - 9 years ago by
Eye of Providence, probably the most recognized symbol of the Illuminati

It is usually referred to as a secret society. This is actually not the case as it is only a society with secrets. And in as much as people would want to believe that the Illuminati is trying to remain secret, it is the activities of the group that they have always wanted and to a very large extent have tried to keep secret.

History has it that the Illuminati dates back to the late eighteenth century, 1778 to be precise. The many and different conspiracy theories surrounding the society has made it even more difficult to put down a concrete history of the organisation.

From the name, the Illuminati is a society that prides itself of having enlightened members. It is believed that the society started with having a political agenda which comprised of abolishing monarchies. Secrecy, subterfuge, and conspiracy were the techniques used and this could involve infiltrating other institutions.  It was gathered that the Illuminati were eliminated or at least had their powers significantly reduced less than fifteen years after the society was established.

While this society founded by Adam Weishaupt is believed to be extinction according to history, some signs and symbols still point to the fact that they could still be in existence. This might be regarded as purely conspiracy, but it cannot totally be brushed aside.

There are conspiracy theories indicating that there are some powerful elite that belong to some secret society that can be likened to the Illuminati. This society is believed to be behind some significant happenings in the world today. And the pyramid image is used to describe the Illuminati with the world shakers and movers found at the top of the pyramid.

The conspiracy goes further to explain that about 13 families have control over what happens all over the world and they have their bloodlines linked and sometimes manipulated by persons from other worlds.

These inner core families are very secretive that their names on several websites but are only represented with symbols. This makes their existence look even more vague and shadowy.

This might go that the Illuminati has not been able to effectively keep the society or perhaps, they only want to know they exist and can only know what they reveal to the world.

Some symbols that have been linked with the Illuminati include the Great Seal on the United States’ currency. This does not readily ascertain that the society has control over the government of any nation because as humans, we are able to leave signs and symbols behind for generations after us to have something to remember us with. It also follows that symbols are only forms of communication and could be used in various forms. The case of the US currency in particular has been questioned from many quarters indicating the relativity or not of the symbol to the society.

A look at the various governments of nations around the world could further explain the reason why many people still question the credibility of the Illuminati conspiracy. The function of every government of course is to rule, plan and organise. That is if they do not need to fight other nations to assert their sovereignty and protect their security. Why would there be a need to have a global conspiracy to perform these basic functions.

The Illuminati conspiracy however seems to gain some ground in its arguments when one considers the fact the governments of some prominent and powerful countries find it difficult to give a clear explanation about why they carry out some actions. This makes an average individual to believe that a conspiracy might exist after all. With some persons within and outside the government looking like they are above the law with such crimes as corruption and other grievous offenses going unpunished, one wonders whether it is right link their names to that of the families believed to belong to the core of the Illumminati pyramid.

When Illuminati is viewed from the religious perspective, a new subject is raised. Especially in Christianity, we are made to believe that only God has control over the world and whatever happens in it. The earth and the whole universe is under the control of the supreme being and even if the world believes that there is one secret society controlling the affairs of the world, the fact that God control all human beings, gives a strong hold to the argument that God remains in control of whatever is happening in the world.

The Bible has made us to understand that Jesus Christ is coming for a second time and as the scripture as said

"For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming." (2 Thessalonians 2:7-9, NIV).

Whichever way we want to look at it, secret societies exist everywhere but whether or not a particular society has control of the affairs of this world is arguable.