Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive

Do you care about what other people think of you? As a matter of fact, who doesn't? - 8 years ago by

Do you care about what other people think of you? As a matter of fact, who doesn't? We all need to prove ourselves to others. However, there is a tendency that we try to prove ourselves in times when we feel insecure, less confident and not good enough.


The importance of being confident


Have you ever asked yourself what it is that makes guys like Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hardy or Mark Walberg so attractive to women. Obviously, it's the looks but they have another thing in common: confidence. Watch them during an interview. They act normal, laugh about things - they all show confidence and this is very important part of the game. When it comes to what attracts men to women, men define differently the term "attractive”. As men view women, they put greater importance on the face and then come the other parts of the body. However, to be good looking and attractive is not the same thing for men and women. In reality, to be attractive to women requires a combination of certain factors and so it is to men. Still, confidence remains the factor that lays the foundations of attractiveness.

However, there are few more factors that require your attention.

Here are some tips to guide you through on how to build confidence and become a better person from then inside and outside.

The effect of appearance is essential on first impressions. It can bring you success or failure to a job interview, in business negotiations or in a personal relationship. For this reason, it is very important both men and women to care about the way they look. Improve your appearance and you will instantly start making great impression.


Here is what to do to enhance the good looks


Eat more fruits and vegetables and less French fries

Try to cultivate a habit to eat more healthy food. This means to include in your menu more vegetables and fruits. Raw food such as fresh vegetables and fruits, seeds and nuts are foods that contains lots of enzymes - the living energy of plants. Enzymes are vital for our health. If we don't get enough of them we will get sick often. When we take in sufficient amount of vitamins and enzymes-rich food we grow healthy and this bring about positive effect to our appearance. Our skin, for example, becomes shiny, smooth, spotless and clean.


Girls and women, smile!

Show happiness but not only on Instagram. Do it in the streets, at work, at the grocery store. According to a research, men tend to fell in love and find more attractive not women who appear to be very beautiful but women who smile a lot. So think about it. A warm smile don't cost a thing.


Men should lose the beard

Bad news for the guys who like themselves with beards. A study published in Oxford Journal suggests that men with beards frighten most women. Women see them as too casual, bad-tempered, even aggressive, and unreliable and can't be helped to overcome with depression.


Women tend to like men who brood

To be broody is part of the process of building an image of a bad guy which is not a bad thing given the fact that most women fall very much for this type. Apparently, men who look happy are far less attractive than the ones who rarely put a smile on their faces.  So if you are a guy who is not looking for a long-term relationship, you might want to consider putting on a broody look so to gain much sexual attraction.


A few more useful tips


  • Love yourself

  • Avoid showing off

  • Learn. Obtain new knowledge constantly

  • When having a conversation try to pay attention and listen to the other side.

  • Discover your true talent by developing a hobby.

  • Improve you strengths and control your weaknesses.

  • Overcome fear

  • Choose wisely what clothes to wear. Make sure they are clean and fit you perfectly.


Appearance does matter but it is your personality that makes people feel attracted to you. Follow these tips but create your own rules and stick to them. Beauty and magnetism come from the inside and outside of a person.