Wasteland Stories: Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Tv Series, Part 2

Nuclear blasts, alien invasion, zombies, deadly viruses, and ecological disasters – these are the most common harbingers of the world apocalypse. - 8 years ago by

Nuclear blasts, alien invasion, zombies, deadly viruses, and ecological disasters – these are the most common harbingers of the world apocalypse. These events are usually man-caused, which brings up the question is the man per se the root of all evil?


Unfortunately, Jericho is another underrated series that got canceled way too early. Considered the best TV show of 2006, Jericho is a brilliant mixture of mystery, sci-fi, romance, drama, and politics with a touch of conspiracy. All the events reflect on the doomsday theme. We have two powerful anti-heros - Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) and Robert Hawking (Lennie James). They both hold hidden agenda and their actions may not be driven by pure intentions whatsoever, but they remain charming in their own way. Set in a small town of Kansas, Jericho follows the events after residents have seen a mushroom cloud rising somewhere near Colorado area. The strange event starts to raise questions about nuclear blasts and the possible consequences. Residents soon discover the unpleasant truth the nuclear attacks are for real, and hundreds of people have died. As a result the United States are left with no government. All of a sudden, everything comes down to survival and keeping your family alive, while dealing with arising danger in the meantime.


What would you do if our modern lifestyle that is entirely dependent on technology, machines and mobile communication get out of electric power? How can human kind survive in a reality with no electricity? TV series Revolution creates an image of what life would be if something/someone turns the power off. Shocking as it may seem at first, but life won't come to an end, it will become slower and more peaceful, perhaps. People will face a major challenge but they will still manage to adapt to the new life, the one their ancestors had in the pre-industrial era. People will get back to using candles and lanterns when the sun goes down, living in farms and growing vegetables. Admittedly, the idea is really good. A world with no power and no government is an interesting and though-provoking subject. Although the show got cancelled, it still remains entertaining for which deserves a little more credit.

Wayward Pines

What happens when Twin Peaks meets Stephen King? The newest TV series aired on FOX are based on the bestselling and truly engaging book trilogy “Wayward Pines” written by Blake Crouch. At the beginning, the series seem more like a modern adaptation of David Lunch’s Twin Peaks. An FBI agent ends up in a small town in the middle of nowhere, situated in a beautiful forest enjoying the picturesque view of the mountains Wayward Pines. At a glance, the town looks purely beautiful and peaceful, the friendliest place in the world, where residents have the perfect life, except for there are no crickets and other insects in Wayward Pines…  However, strange things come to happen now and then. Residents live under constant surveillance, they are not allowed to talk about the past. Whoever dares to break the rules, gets severely punished. In Wayward Pines people pretend to look happy, but they live in constant fear and despair. No one can leave the town. Whoever tries will face only his own death. As the plot thickens after a series of thrilling events and surprising twists, the truth comes to light, and it is more frightening than ever. The resemblance with Twin Peaks brings a sense of weirdness and excitement.  Wayward Pines is like Twin Peaks through the eyes of Stephen King. The 70s teen idol Matt Dillon make a memorable return on the small screen. He delivers amazingly strong performance playing agent Ethan Burke who investigates the disappearing of his colleague agent Kate Hewson.

Electric City (web series)

Tom Hanks never ceases to impress his fans. As a true mastermind, he stunned the lovers of post-apocalyptic fiction with his animated web series Electric City. Hanks's original project is considered an online digital blockbuster. Released in July 2012 Electric City contains 20 short episodes that last 90 minutes each. Set in time when the world has ended, the series gives an intriguing view of a future society while tackling provocative social issues reflecting on freedom of information, energy consumption, and justice system. Mankind has been reduced in numbers. People live in small settlements and the only work they do is producing electricity. All citizens live in Electric City under the motto "All in service to all" and everyone must give his best in the name of the common good.

Falling Skies

Falling Skies will certainly catch the eye of those viewers who do not normally watch TV series at all. The show follows a simple storyline: a group of people try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world invaded by aliens. Indeed, the story of aliens taking over the world is age-old and not that original, but the show remains unique in its own way. Falling Skies paints a gritty picture of the reality. Its beauty is in the way it portrays the main characters and their daily struggle for survival in an alien-dominated world. From getting food, to medical supplies, to transportation and gas, and finding places to hide, the plot is filled with dramatic and edge-of-the-seat moments. Furthermore, the characters are likeable on so many levels. Actors who play them are truly persuasive in their attempt to make the viewers passionate to see how they will survive not only the alien danger, but also the other life-threating challenges they face every day.

Did you enjoy our list? What are your favorite Post-Apocalyptic TV shows?

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