Ty Foster's Timeout Series Showing Dogs Imprisoned In Cone Collars

The hilarious display of the real struggle that dogs have with the "cone of shame" - 8 years ago by

There is probably no one in the whole wide world that enjoys going to the doctor. I for sure hate it, just the thought and the smell of a hospital makes me sick (which is kind of ironic). And it is pretty much the same with our pets. If you have a pet or if you’ve ever had one you know what exactly I am talking about. Pets hate it when their owners have to take them to the vet. And what is stranger about it is that it is like they can sense they are going there. Even before they actually get there, like when they get in the car, they already know and they just don’t want to go, you can actually see it on their faces how miserable they are. And if sometimes it’s just for consultation or a simple vaccine, sometimes it is a lot worse than that. Especially for the dogs, when they have to put on that hateful cone collar. This is probably what dogs imagine hell would be like. It is that terrifying and irritating for them. And now, thanks to the American artist and photographer Ty Foster you can see exactly how much they hate it. He made an outstanding collection of photos, capturing dogs wearing the dreaded cone. To put it plain and simple it is absolutely, undoubtedly and totally hilarious. And at the same time pretty deep, because it captures the undeniable struggle of those poor dogs with that hellacious invention of mankind and how incredibly miserable they are while wearing it.

Here it is for you to see, the “Timeout” series, showing the emotional and physical pain of the poor dogs that had to wear “the cone from hell”.