Top 10 Of Us Universities

Here is a ranking of the most desired and prestigious US universities - 8 years ago by

According to 2014/15 University Rankings around the world, there are 144 US universities which accounts for such a great number of educational institutions that exceeds any other country in the world. 28 of the 144 are qualified amongst the best 100 universities around the world; 6 of them are ranked within top 10. US universities as a whole marked a 7.2% increase of international students’ enrollment for 2012/13 academic year. As a result, the US has recently become an attractive and popular educational destination.


Here is a ranking of the most desired and prestigious US universities:


# 10 California Institute of Technology

This private institute is situated in Pasadena, CA in a suburban area, with 977 enrolled students who paid $43,362 for the 2014/15 academic year. The majors mainly cover the academic fields of engineering and science; the university is widely engaged in NASA granted research projects. The National Science Foundation and Human Services is another organization that invests in the potential of the technological students.


# 9 University of Pennsylvania

For the previous academic year the University of Pennsylvania, which was established by Benjamin Franklin, had 9,712 enrolled students whose tuition was $47,668. This is a private institution in the urban University City of Philadelphia with graduation degrees ranging from Engineering to Nursing.


# 8 Duke University

This is another private educational institution, situated in North Carolina. More than 6,600 enrolled for the 2014/15 academic year, which was payable at the rate of $47,488. Sport is an integral part of the university life, with basketball as the most prominent of all.


# 7 Massachusetts Institute of technology

This is a private university involved in research mainly in the areas of mathematics, engineering and science. Architecture, humanities and management departments are also popular disciplines provided by the institute. The university is set in an urban area of Cambridge, Massachusetts. 4,528 students enrolled and had to pay $45,016 for 2014/15 academic year.


# 6 University of Chicago

Also known as the host of the world’s biggest scavenger event, the University of Chicago had an enrollment of 5,659, with tuition and fees of $48,253 for 2014/15 academic year.


# 5 Stanford University

As the other above mentioned private institutions, Stanford University in California provides extensive research projects combined with various methods of teaching and learning. For 2014/15 the university had the astounding number of 7,061 students. The tuition accounted for $44,757.


# 4 Columbia University

Located in a highly urban environment in the neighbourhood of Manhattan’s Morningside Heights, Columbia University is a private school from the Ivy League. The School of general Studies, the Columbia College and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are the undergraduate schools of the University. Those students who applied to be educated at the institution had to consider sending $51,008 on tuition and fees for 2014-15.


# 3 Yale University

New Haven, Connecticut houses the urban set famous Yale University. In 2014/15, the university enrollment was more than 5,400 students, who are normally distributed into 12 colleges- small friendly communities for education, learning and decent social life, at the expense of $45,800.


# 2 Harvard University

This is the oldest university in the USA; it comes first when speaking of higher institution funding throughout the world. Located in the near proximity of Boston, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the university’s tuition for 2014/15 was $43,938. It has been paid by 6,722 students.


# 1 Princeton University

Away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan cities, the small and quiet town of Princeton, new Jersey offers a suitable environment for the first university, which gave grants for students who were smart enough to be admitted in the institution but did not have the financial opportunity to enroll. Speaking of finance, the tuition and fees for 2014/15 amounted $41,820.