Top 10 Islands To Visit

Islands are simply the best. No matter for how long you walk you will eventually reach a beach and a clear sea to swim in. - 7 years ago by

Islands are simply the best. No matter for how long you walk you will eventually reach a beach and a clear sea to swim in. Big or small, they are all similar and at the same time different enough to warrant careful consideration, with South Eastern Asia, The Caribbean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea being major hot spots on the map.



This island is technically Dutch even though it is located in the Caribbean Sea, but this is not the only thing making it unique and appealing. Its climate remains dry 12 months each year, which means the nasty wet season is particularly non-existent. You can visit the island any month of the year, it'll welcome you warmly. Cacti are a regular sight in the dryer parts alongside the Divi Divi tree, which is not growing straight but instead takes on some weird forms. Both sides of the island are very different from one another, with the more populated parts having an European architecture and look, again pretty different from what you can usually find in the region. An overall great place to visit.



It was a very nice attraction 3000 years ago when it spectacularly blew up and wiped an entire civilization. Today this Greek island, located in the Aegean Sea, is a magnificent place you will never forget. Its white architecture, all these small white houses and churches, form a labyrinth worthy of its rich mythology. The rest is very rocky and desert like, courtesy to the dry climate. The island is full of history, culture and memorable Greek visuals, a must for any Mediterranean Sea traveler.



The clash of Italian and French culture give this island its very special look and feel, perhaps one of the most romantic places in the world. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, alongside other great islands to visit, it is a rather big piece of land, 183 kilometers from one side to the other at its longest. One of the best tourist destinations in the world, Corsica offers everything - beaches and mountains, small historical towns and bigger entertainment regions. The best time to visit is from May to October, when the temperatures are warm, but there is really no bad moment to just go there and enjoy life.



A beautiful Indonesian island, Bali is famous in the world for its beauty. The biggest Indonesian tourist destination, the island is known for its art, dances and of course temples. But this is not all, as it always happens with popular islands the land is only a fraction of the interesting parts. Vast number of different kinds of marine species are swimming(or sticking to the bottom) around, so going out on a boat and diving are very popular. Most of the hot tourist destinations are located in the south part of the island, with its heart being the town of Kuta.



Many Spanish islands are excellent places to visit, so why Ibiza is so special? Nightlife! When people talk about this island they mention names like the capitol of parties and the electronic music place. It is wild down there for sure, even though the island itself is not even close to the likes of Sicily and Mallorca in size.  Besides its nightclubs Ibiza is also famous for its beaches, perhaps the best in Europe. Combine this  with the Spanish look and culture, which is seeping right through, and you have a winning combination you must visit while you are still young.



It is hard to pick one Hawaiian island, they are all just so famous across the world! Maui however is a  step ahead, sporting one of the most beautiful sights you can see in the region(and the USA as a whole while we are at it). It is a great place for surfing, probably the best thanks to the huge waves crashing on the shore during the winter. If you are not that much into surfing the beaches will more than satisfy your needs. Or you can go explore the jungle if you like. Twelve months during the year this place is open for business, visit whenever you like.



The pearl of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is the definite place to visit if you have to choose just one island in the region. Sun during the whole year, beautiful beaches, and of course the rich culture with the ever present reggae, will relieve you of the stress that built up during the year. While you are chilling, happy with your life, you can travel around and explore one of the biggest and most intricate islands, full of places to go, things to see and weed to smoke.


Bora Bora

For people, who are feeling adventurous, this island has much to offer. Located in French Polynesia in the Pacific it consists of little land, surrounded by a beautiful lagoon. When you get there you'll most likely settle into a small house above the water in the lagoon and suitingly enough most of the attractions are aqua based. An island like this will make you forget what it is to live in a modern super city, they don't even have a public transportation there. Bora Bora is a true island paradise.



The Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean is famous for its delicate ecosystem and beautiful islands, such as Praslin. Its beaches are vast and white, its tropical forests and similarly vast and very thick, you can so easily get lost in them. You can also watch the rare bird species, which are native to the island in the Praslin National Park. Since it is so close to the equator Praslin is warm and sunny throughout the year, just be wary of sharks.



Boracay is a very famous Philippines island. So famous in fact it was awarded the best island in the world by a travel magazine in 2012. It is not particularly large but the sheer amount of things you can do on it is astounding. From diving to mountain climbing , horse riding and even golf, you will never get bored during your stay. Of course there is also a white beach. The best time to visit this beauty is from October to May, when the rainfalls are minimal.