Time Management Techniques That Work

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Time is money and you should not waste it doing useless things. 

Do you feel like you can’t manage your time properly? Is your list of tasks constantly growing, and despite you work day and night against the clock you hardly manage to meet your deadlines. Don’t worry.

What you need is:
    better organization (time management)
•    prioritizing
•    schedule your day
•    develop concentrating skills
•    be smart-working
•    set realistic and measurable goals

Time flies fast when one is having fun, but it drags when one has to do their taxes and personal finances. But did you know that time is mental? It exists in your mind, which means that you can control it. 

If you want to become a master of your own time, you should practice the following tried-and-true techniques:

Develop concentrating skills

Practice not answering the phone for a while. Emails also can wait. In this exercise you will learn to improve your concentrating abilities. You need to maintain strong concentration to get the job done. Phone calls and email answering can be distractive. Once you are distracted, you may not be able to concentrate again later. So it si vital that learn to avoid all kids of distractors and time-wasting activities.

Schedule your day

Most people make the same mistake over and over again trying to remember too many things at once. As a result, your mind gets overloaded with information. An easy way to stay organized and finish your projects on time is to schedule. Take the first 5 minutes each day to plan the day. After you complete your time plan you can start with your daily activities. Don't forget to schedule when to schedule. Feel free to experiment to see what techniques enhance your productivity. To-do lists help people prioritize which is very important.

Be smart-working, not hard-working

Your main goal is to provide high quality work. That means you have to concentrate on the results of your work. Do not think how busy you are, think how you can manage to work effectively. People who tend to stay extra hours after work should not bother you. They are less productive in the first place, that is why they have to do stay an extra hour or two. If you know how to plan and set priorities you will be fine. 

Set smart goals

The best way to benefit from time management is to set smart goals. Avoid getting too ambitious. Your goals need to fit in these categories: 
•    definite
•    realistic
•    achievable
•    precise
•    measurable

If they fail to fit, then you're likely to end up in the same mess as before, burning the candle from both ends for nothing. Furthermore, you will have to find a way to review the results of your work. This way you will know what progress you have made. It is also recommendable to evaluate the progress and make minor improvements when necessary.


Most people have long lists of tasks and they usually can't overcome the temptation to start with the easiest ones. Thus, the bigger projects that require more time remain neglected. Expectedly, this strategic does not lead to success. On the contrary, it is highly likely for you to fail completing your significant projects on time. Therefore, before you begin with your daily tasks, consider the difficult projects because they are the ones that bring you more money. Cultivate a growth mindset! Put in more effort in difficult tasks because they will make high impact on your career by pointing out your skills.

Since life became very busy all people’s energy is focused on some kind of a project. It takes a little to find yourself off balance. Good time management aims to help you find the right balance in your life.