The Wooden Boombox:the Return Of The Most Awesome Music Player

This will bring you back to some good old days...for sure - 8 years ago by


Are you a fan of the old school ridiculously big boomboxes that people used to carry on their shoulders like it was no big deal at all? Of course you are, I mean who isn’t? Well this then is going to bring a huge smile on your face. The amazingly creative guys from The Wooden Boombox have managed to give the old school record player a second life with this awesome idea. The Wooden Boombox is a gorgeous, laser engraved wooden portable music player with that vintage look from the 70’s.

The crazy Boombox is built in North Carolina from the previously engraved by local based Hawaiian artists who are using special mahogany for wooden material from Hawaii and the most intriguing thing about is that every piece of this genius has its own special engravement that makes it unique and special. If that’s not a reason enough to go and get you one of these bad boys, it is actually a pretty badass speaker. With a sound coming from a 15W amplifier through Bluetooth connection or a 3.5 mm audio input and the 3 inch full range speakers, this is definitely one good speaker.  The Wooden Boomboxes weigh about two pounds each and has a 12V 2200 mAh rechargeable battery pack in order to get you a few good hours of wireless playtime.

With its incredible mixture of music and art, with the innovative modern technology and its vintage kickass look, this crazy boombox is the perfect way to listen to some of the old nostalgia-bringing 90’s absolute evergreen hits in style! So you better go right now and get your own personal wooden boombox and get ready for its uniqueness to bring a whole new level of awesomeness in your life. Here are some of the different styles of The Wooden Boombox: