The Top Men Hairstyles Of The Year

The best and trendiest hairdos for men - 8 years ago by

We showed you some of the best women formal hairstyles for this season. We don’t want to leave the men behind so we are going to give you the most awesome man hairstyles trending this season.


The “Slick Back” Style

This vintage style, extremely popular in twentieth century is one of the biggest hits today. The hair here is basically swept back to make it look flat and cover the actual volume of it. This is the perfect way to keep your hair neat and tidy with a very classy and old school look. It is very popular among businessmen and sportsmen. The hair could be wavy or straight. 


The Trimmed Style

This one is a very short cut hairstyle that is carefully parted on the side. For this style you need to have a short and straight hair. It is a rather simple style, very easy to do and it doesn’t take much time or effort and yet is very fashionable and impressive. 


The “Shaggy” Style     

In this look the hair covers a large part of the forehead and is slightly curved to the side. In order to pull this one off you’ve got to have a medium hair and it is best to be wavy. To give it an even more casual look, you should comb it down on all sides. It goes amazingly well with a short goatee. 


The Spiky Style

Probably the oldest trick in the book, the spiky hairdo is an incredible mixture of both formal and modern fashionable look. It looks great on a short hair and all you need is some gel or wax and 5 minutes of your time. It works great as for both formal and casual environments. 


The Slick Side-parted Style

Almost identical to the Slick-Back and yet unique in its own way, the Slick Side-parted needs to be parted and combed back crosswise on either side of the hair parting. It works great in a formal, working environment as it gives you a look full of class and confidence. 


The Peripheral Cut 

This style, as you probably guessed by the name, needs to be cut very precisely along the periphery and skipping the front by any means necessary. For this hairstyle you need to have a medium-length hair and it should be pretty much straight. The style is similar to the ‘Shaggy’ but it needs to have “bangs” in front. It is a big hit among party lovers and many celebrities


The “Fantastic” Style

This is a very bold yet still pretty formal hairstyle. In order to be “Fantastic” you will need a little longer than medium hair that has to be massively gelled or waxed. You can do it all by yourself using nothing but your hands to form a big wave like spike across the middle of the head but leave just a little bit of hair on the forehead and tilt it a little on the side. 


The Undercut

Inspired by US Marine Corps, “the undercut” is a vigorously growing in popularity gaining a solid spot on the mainstream man hairstyles. It requires a short hair on the top of the head and the sides are trimmed very short or often even shaved off. The middle and the top are supposed to be slightly gelled and combed to the back with the front being slightly higher and fluffed. The Undercut and many of his variations are most popular with artistic people, such as musicians, actors, artist and many more. 


The Short Pompadour 

With this style we can see again just a slight similarity to the Slick Back but instead of laying it completely flat it is curled back and the top is again slightly fluffed up. It is very popular among a lot of celebrities and because of their own unique style it has many different variations.