The Tattooist Dynamic Duo Expanded Eye And Their Incredible Work

These London-based tattoo artists will leave you breathless - 7 years ago by

Remember the names of Jade Tomlinson and Kev James. These two have done so many different projects in various forms of art, basically everything – from paintings, through street art, sculptures and installations. But most of all, and probably the most notable of all they are masters of tattoos. And they are not your typical tattooists. Their work as tattoo artist blends in a very successful mix of geometry, line work and typography. In their studio based in London this dynamic duo have a very special and unique approach to every single tattoo they make. They always manage to create an amazing story to tell with a purpose and real deep meaning. They even ask the clients to not overly concern themselves with the aesthetics in particular but instead to let the piece evolve naturally and by itself. The result is always the same – pure masterpiece. So if you are in London and you want to get yourself a great “out of the box” tattoo full of meaning and yet stunningly beautiful – this is most definitely the place to go. Here we leave you with some more of their unique work. And if that’s not enough, you can check their Facebook page or you can take a look at their online shop: