The Solocam. Journalism's Revolution Or Not?

Inspired By The Amazing Success of The Selfie Stick... - 8 years ago by

Love it or hate it but the selfie stick undeniably took the world by a storm. Nowadays you can see them everywhere: festivals, concerts, people bring them to their holydays and Facebook walls and Instagram profiles are full of them. But this…this is something different. This is taking it to a whole another level! Selfie sticks are actually coming to TV.

Introducing the Solocam. Basically it is a microphone on a stick with its own video camera on the other end of it. What’s the point? It allows the reporter to get easier into heavily crowded places that are hard to reach without the help of cameramen or a sound crew.

And even though this could have the potential to be the next level of journalism, having the ability to get the viewer closer to the action and bringing a lot of flexibility, it could also prove /much like its cousin selfie stick/ more aggravating than useful with its power to make journalism even more intrusive and scandalous.

Either way, cameramen all around the world… Be scared. Be very afraid!

So, for those of you who thought the selfie stick’s trendiness is slowly but surely dying, don’t hold your breath. The Solocam is not that popular yet, but it is definitely worth checking out.