The Magically Captivating Light Box Dioramas Of Hari & Deepti

The dynamic duo and their latest masterpiece collection - 8 years ago by

The incredible artist duo of Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panickerof – “Hari & Deepti” got very famous for their intriguing and delicate and masterfully done cut paper dioramas on the inside of light boxes. Done with such an amazingly detailed and vivid imagination, it was a great way of portraying bright pools of water and mysterious deep almost magic like forests full of all kinds of spirits and incredible fantastic beasts.

Over the course of the last year or so, the dynamic duo Hari & Deepti decided to change their typical urban environment in Denver, Colorado with the exotic and highly artistic surrounding of Mumbai, India in order to complete their latest project made especially for their first ever European show, held once again at Blank Space Gallery in Oslo, Norway which has the absolutely captivating name – “We Are All Made of Stars”. The idea of the whole show is pretty much like previous years – an exhilarating exhibit of art shown in a dark gallery with just a stroke of light coming out the pieces for a much better and deeper experience and feeling of the various themes including all kinds of nature, travel and other adventurous endeavors.

Check out the breath-taking, awe-inspiring work of two of the most talented people we’ve seen in recent years here and make sure to keep an eye for their upcoming exhibition in the winter at the “Context Art Miami” alongside Black Book Gallery. Or just follow their Instagram page to get the full joy of their masterpieces: