The Magic Mountain Lodge: One Of The Most Marvelous Hotels In The World

This fairy-tail like place in the Chilean rainforest is a dreamy lodge with hint of magic in it... - 8 years ago by

Ok, so I’ve seen beautiful and magical hotels all over the world’s most unexpected places. But this is something different, something that even the Potter family would be surprised and amazed by. And if you still don’t get the idea, this is the place where Ron Weasley would take Hermione Granger for their 10th wedding anniversary because that’s how magic it really is.

The Magic Mountain Lodge, as they named it and rightfully so if I may add, is a hotel deep into the Southern Andes Mountains and it literally appears to be a mountain. It was made to look exactly like a mount or a hill, covered with plants and even a tiny waterfall starting at the peak. It looks so covert and camouflaged that the tiny windows that look like mushrooms on the side of it are the only thing that actually gives it away. And on the inside there are some amazingly comfy-looking tiny rooms with stunning views (the higher you get the better) with a very distinguished retro style, marvelously co-existing with the nature surrounding it.

Located in the middle of the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest in the heart of the Huilo Huilo reserve, this astonishing place’s history began as a place for a group of friends to rest in when gone fishing or hunting. The owners came up with the name from a book that they held dear ever since childhood. The story of that book describes The Magic Mountain – a mountain that has incredible magical powers and even grants wishes. Well, I know for sure my wish is to one day visit this breath-taking place. Just think about it – waking up with the dawn every single day and being surrounded by this unbelievably gorgeous nature with eagles in the sky and jaguars walking around, The Magic Mountain Lodge is by far the most surreal and magical place us muggles can enjoy and visit. I would definitely advise any real nature lover and all true adventurers to try and visit this place, that looks exactly like it came out of a fairy-tail.