The Enchanting Collages Of Matthias Jung

Captivating and futuristic mixture of gorgeous landscapes and surreal architecture - 8 years ago by

Recently, we’ve stumbled upon the enchanting work of Matthias Jung, who singlehandedly creates unbelievable, fantastic worlds of futuristic (or even Sci-Fi) architecture in amazingly beautiful places and landscapes that he captures. The author of that captivating collection Jung shows a beautiful blend of different photographic elements and techniques with very unusual and even strange compositions that kind of reminds of an exhilaratingly vivid dream that you just had. He is using this strong contrast in environments with the surreal structures to keep it as realistic and believable as possible in order to get our minds to assume that it is in fact plausible and is just a futuristic kind of evolution that we have just never seen until now.

When asked to describe his work in his own words, Jung refers to it simply as: “architectural short poems”, how beautifully and yet simply put, don’t you think? A truly masterfully done collages that will definitely leave a mesmerizing effect on everyone who glance their eyes into it.

Here are some more of his mesmerizing, fantastic collages. And if you would like to see more of Jung’s work, you can visit his own website and get the full experience: