The Devastation Of The Global Urbanization: A Glimpse Into The Past

Numerous abandoned farms and houses that will make you think about the future - 8 years ago by

It is pretty clear that the world is on the fast lane to a total complete globalization and the more years pass by, more and more people are shifting away from the rural, farm living of the small towns and villages into the urban and suburban lifestyle in the giant cities. There are many reasons and debates on how and why this is happening – from advertising to economy reasons but that is a completely different subject. The fact is that farms are still the corner stone of our society but because of the new modern “fast lane” kind of life that was enforced in the big city they are often forgotten and neglected.

Any time you decide to take a drive through the countryside you are guaranteed to get stunning views of endless roads, majestic, hundreds of years old trees and all kinds of colorful farms and houses. Unfortunately, most of them are abandoned and their owners long gone to pursuit their dreams elsewhere. And as you pass by you can’t help but to think and imagine what kind of amazing agricultural life must have been there once upon a time, or how long has it been that way, what exactly drove the owners away. Here we made a list of all those abandoned farms, silos and houses we’ve seen along the way that for most people might seem as just a bunch of scrappy buildings that are left there to rot, but to us it is all about the numerous scenarios that were born inside one’s imagination, all the untold stories that they might keep inside and most of all about the endless possibilities and chances missed and the hopeful thought of what it may have been or what it could once again be.

Who knows, maybe one day people will come to their senses and realize what is really important and get back to the roots and hopefully before it is too late.

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