The Concept Of Casa Brutale Will Leave You Breathless

A Majestic House Engraved in a Cliff Hanging Over The Sea - 8 years ago by

A house encased into the ground on a cliff high above the Aegean Sea. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? It gets even better when you take a look at it. This is the concept design for Casa Brutale made by OPA (open platform for architecture).

The Casa Brutale is directly inspired by the incredible masterpiece of Adalberto Libera – Casa Malaparte in Italy. Just like Casa Malaparte, the Brutale is beautifully fused with the environment surrounding it but instead of being above ground it will be build deep into the cliff. Only simple materials such as wood, glass and raw concrete are supposed to be used for the building, the idea of which is to keep the focus on the natural landscape. The whole thing should be underground, leaving the rooftop flat on the ground level. The roof is also planned as a giant pool with reinforced glass and a glazed bottom, adding a certain level of class to the whole project and effectively making it a massive skylight that will constantly provide natural light inside the house.

Adding more grandeur to the house are the 50 stairs you have to take down to get to the giant wooden door at the entrance. Simplicity is again the main theme in the interior design of the Brutale, as you step inside you see a massive concrete dining table and benches with some wood on top for seating and a stylish fireplace behind them. Further down, led by a thin staircase made completely out of steel you enter the mezzanine where you find the master bedroom with top to bottom windows that give you a stunning view into the Aegean Sea. On the main floor are also the kitchen, the bathroom and a cozy guest room.

Casa Brutale is a piece of genius in contemporary architecture that truly brings harmony as it masterfully merges the building completely with its breathtaking surroundings.