The Bionic Boots With The Amazing Boost

Keahi Seymour's Invention Will Give You Superpowers! - 8 years ago by

Have you ever felt slow? That’s how I felt when I saw Keahi Seymour’s unbelievably awesome creation. His Bionic Boots will make you feel like you have your very own superpowers.

Made out of carbon fiber, speargun bands and industrial strength aluminum it sounds like the beginning of a Hollywood movie script.

Keahi Seymour, born in Solihill, England is a bartender in San Francisco but his real passion is designing and inventing. His boots are made to resemble the legs of kangaroos and their ability to store energy in their big Achilles tendons in order to develop a great speed in not so great terrains. Asked about his inspiration to make the Bionic Boots, Seymour said:  “I built the Bionic Boots simply because I wanted that experience. Ever since I was 12 years old, I’ve been dreaming of one day dropping into the African savanna and running with cheetahs. Initially, the concept was to emulate and experience the sensation and speed of running like a fast animal.”  

And he really did it. The average human running speed is about 7mph if the distance is long and maybe 10mph to 12mph if sprinting. After probably the 200th prototype, with the boots Seymour can reach the amazing 25mph which is three times more average. And he will not stop there, as his goal is to reach 45mph.

The Bionic Boots are not for sale yet but I’m pretty sure they will be a great hit on the market and are most definitely a must-have experience, as Seymour says in his own words: “To strap on and run with the Bionic Boots is a feeling like no other.” – I for sure believe him.