The Big Cloud: A Storm Chasing Series By Camille Seaman

The incredible force of "mother nature" captured in those photos by this talented artist - 8 years ago by

Sometimes “mother nature” can be scary, it can take our breaths and in the next moment it could leave us in devastation and chaos. Our world is filled with beauty and unbelievable sights but we should never underestimate it and take it for granted. For the multi-talented artist and photographer Camille Seaman this is a lesson she’s been taught all the way back when she was an innocent child as part of the Shinnecock tribe and she knows how important it is to respect and help nature instead of polluting and destroying it. And that’s how she tries to express all that knowledge with her photos. Her art and her work have been awarded so many times throughout the years, as her pictures were posted in such giant well-known publications like TIME magazine and National Geographic. And as Seaman tries to show the might and majesty of “mother nature” through her photographs, she keeps gathering more and more attention to the cause of preserving our planet. Here is one of her best series, which she, appropriately so, named “The Big Cloud”. A series in which she showed some great storm chasing abilities and gave us an incredible view of the enormous unstoppable force that nature possesses and at the same time how greatly it is the appreciation and the magnitude of respect that Camille has for it.

Have fun with these amazing photos and be sure to check Camille Seaman’s website to see for yourself how amazingly talented she really is. I guarantee it will make you feel like you’re about to catch the storm!

And remember to respect the land you live in, because nature can survive without humans, but humans can’t survive without nature!