The Best Prom Hairstyles In Fashion This Year For Meduim And Long Hair

The Biggest Trends In Hairstyling For Your Prom - 8 years ago by

The prom is a very important event in the life of every teenager. It marks the end of an era in everybody’s life. So it is even more important how you will look during your 15 minutes of fame and of course the hairstyle is one of the main things to look at, so we are going to offer you some of the best prom hairstyles for a long and medium hair. 


The Retro Bun Look

If you have a long and thick hair, this is the style for you. Here the hair is rolled and then it is sprayed or pinned with pads at the back. It brings a very classy and glamorous look. To achieve even a bigger head-turning effect you can add some accessories to it. 


Back Shifted Party Look

This look is pretty easy to achieve. Just use a regular heat roller to get the effect of the soft rolls at the back of the hair. It looks great with some accessories for example some pearl gears. 


Easy Up Tied Look

In this style you can roll up a preferable for you side and let it hanging carelessly, covering the side of the face. And the rest of the hair, again curled up should be neatly tied at the back with maybe a strand or two left hanging. 


Full Head Party Look

This one is very stylish and quite the stunner but you need a lot of volume at the top of the hair in order to pull this one off. The hair is carefully brushed and then curled up and a tiny bun is made at the back. You better look go to a professional for this one, as it is not the easiest of styles to pull off.


Bright Bob

This one is very famous among the teens with its contrasting rainbow strands and the vintage polished bob. Start off by blowing the hair with a small brush in order to curl the ends under and get the bangs brushed to the side. To get the final look you just need to straighten the strands. 


Faux Undercut

If you are not a fan of the whole shaving a side thing, you can imitate the look with this one cool trick. Just braid a little cornrow on the side to achieve the edgy look. Get the rest of the hair to the other side and mess it up a little bit to get a more careless look. 


The Soft Tease

Here’s how to get this one done. First you must part the bang section and brush it to a side you prefer. Then you neatly comb the hair back at the crown, as the purpose is to get a maximum lift. Sweep the other side behind the ear and pin it at the nape of the neck up with some bobby pins. 


Lush Wave

For this style you need to curl the hair but not the whole thing, just from the middle to the ends with a large iron. Then let the curls cool of for a few minutes and brush in order to get bigger volume. Then just part the hair in the front and brush it tightly to the sides and pin it with some bobby pins to make sure it will stay that way. 


Sleek Twist

The first step to achieve this look is to blow your hair dry, then smoothen it with some cream or a gel and part it on one side. After that you split it into pigtails and start twisting each side from top to bottom. Then pin it at the nape of the neck and probably use some spray or other kind of product to keep it in place. 


Crazy Crimps 

The hair must be absolutely dry for this style and after drying it, spray it with thickening spray. Then you must crimp carefully and precisely the two sides all the way down to the ends. Then crimp the whole head with the exception of the front section. To get a bigger effect from the crimped sides you can brush them afterwards. To finish up just back brush the front tightly and pin it or secure it with elastic. 


Vintage Chignon

This look is definitely a tricky one, probably best done by a professional stylist. Here is what needs to be done. First off braid a section of the hair at the hairline to the back of the head and pin it or secure with elastic. Then get the rest of your head and make it into a big ponytail and secure with a rubber band. It gives you a great classy look and it goes great with accessories. 


Chic Pouf 

Back comb the top half of the hair and use some bobby pins to pin it against the crown to get the more voluminous effect in the front. Then pull the rest of the hair and style it into a ponytail but don’t pull it all the way down, more like a bun. Spread it around at the nape of the neck and pin the edges.