The Best African Braid Hairstyles

These Amazing Tribal Braids Will Blow You Away - 8 years ago by

African braiding is a tradition that goes a long, long time back and has a very tribal nature. This typical African hairstyling grew enormous popularity with the amazing success of jazz and blues artist in the beginning of the previous century in the United States. These one of a kind braids made their way into society within no time and stayed there ever since. Here is a list of the best looking, never going out of fashion African braids that you can style for both, formal and casual, every day wear. 


The African Braid Hairband Look

This look works great for both, casual and formal events because it is so neatly tied up and the hair stays away from the face and it won’t bother you. In order to get this look you must first comb the hair very good and then take a section from somewhere near the temple and make a big, long braid. When you’re done with the braid, take it across the head and pin it with some bobby pins or clip it with a fancy clip tightly in order to stay in place. 


The African Braid with a Bun

This very classic look gets even more fashionable with a nice African braid in it. Again, here you need to comb the hair as neatly as possible. After you comb the hair, start taking three individual strands of hair and braid them into a plait until you do the whole hair. Then you take the hair and tie it into a big bun high at the back of the head and pin it down or clip it. This look is most suitable for women with a long and straight hair. 


The African Braid with Curls 

This is a great look for parties and casual fun activities. This one is pretty much don the same way as the previous style. Again, take three individual sections of the hair and braid them together and keep repeating the same thing until you do the whole hair into individual braids. Try and comb the hair once more after that. Then go ahead and curl the ends and clip the ones at the front. Overall, this is a very playful look that is great for casual events. 


The African Braid with Mohawk and Bun

Now this here is a very tricky to get look. It is most suitable for formal events or a hard day at the office. Again, the whole hair needs to be braided like the previous styles. Puff up the hair in the front in order to get the Mohawk look and tie the remaining braids at the back into a giant bun or you can make a few smaller buns in order to get a bigger effect of the whole look. Leave the braids on side to stand out on from the rest of the tied hair and you will get this head-turning stunner of a look. 


Blonde African Braided with Highlights Look

As you probably guessed it from the name of this style, blonde hair is the perfect match to it. This is the simplest one on the list. Exactly like the other styles you need to make a plait from individual braid and then just leave it loose to get this funky look. It is suitable for almost all kinds of face shapes and a very casual and party look. 


African Braid with a Puff 

This is also great for both formal and casual activities. Take three individual sections of the hair from the front and braid them together half way through the back of the head. Do this until you covered the whole front half of the head with braids. Then take the rest of the hair in the back and puff it into a one giant bun at the back. This is a very neat style and it keeps the hair tight and away from the forehead and the face and the braids on the top keep you cool in the hot summer days. 


African Braid with a Knot

This version of the African braid gives you a great party look. After tying sections of three into plait in order to get the African braid, take the end at the back and gently tie it into a knot and you are ready to go with a perfect and classy hairdo. 


African Braid with a Crown

This look is very elegant and classy with the incredible way that the hair is braided into looking like a tiara or a crown on the head. Take a big, long section of hair from the back of head and braid into one long giant plait. Then wrap it around the head and pin it with the beginning of the braid. 


African Braid with a Bow

This is a very princess like look that every girl would love. To style this look, first comb the head really neatly then make two giant braids that start from the front and go all the way to the back and tie them together at the end. After you’re done with that just get a bow and tie it between the two braids like shoe laces. An amazing look with the way the hair is combined and tied together with the bow.