The Astonishing Advancement Of Gaming Over The Years

How much graphics have evolved for the course of 35 years - 7 years ago by

As a die-hard fan of all kinds of video games, to say that video games have made a gigantic leap forward for the past 35 years will be the one of the biggest understatements of the decade. The marvelous growth in this industry is absolutely undeniable and kind of amazing when you make the comparison between now and then. With the likes of game platforms such as Sony’s Playstation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox and the reach of 4K visual effects of the PC, it seems that we are getting some incredible almost lifelike experience of gaming. Nowadays the incredibly detailed visual effects, gameplay and storytelling of the latest games bring a feeling that most of us haven’t even dreamed of as kids. (and the imagination of a kid should never be underestimated). Now we can even play some amazing games on our phones and the graphics there will be so astonishing that will blow away some pc titles from the near past. But talking is one thing, and in order for all of you to really make a comparison and to appreciate how much gaming has advanced, here we gathered for you a list of gaming graphics from the past 35 years. And believe me, seeing them side by side will surely amaze you. So here it is, enjoy and awe at the absolutely crazy leap that gaming has taken for less than five decades. Remarkable, isn’t it? Now imagine the next 20 years, can you? 


Asteroids (1979)

Galaga (1981)

Wing Commander (1990)


Star Fox (1993)


Star Wars: X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (1997)


Freelancer (2003)


Black Prophecy (2011)


Star Citizen (2014)