The Adventure Photography Of Alex Buisse

Conquering and capturing on camera some of the most exciting places on earth - 9 years ago by

When the name Alex Buisse comes to mind, one word always comes first in association – excitement!

Who is Alex Buisse you will ask. He is a man who dedicated his life to finding and conquering various new climbing, trekking and hiking routes, but that’s not all – he not only conquers them, he finds a way to record them! 


Using his Nikon D4 or D800 with only one or two lenses, Alex has already skied to the North Pole, named three mountains in Greenland and he says that’s only the beginning! 

An amazing artist or a great explorer? Alex prefers to combine both. He says that his love of the mountains and his passion for photography can only fuel and help each other.


Alex Buisse has found a way to put together two very different but both unique and beautiful in their own way things. A passion project, a true masterpiece of its own. To be able to put a face to your amazing adventures and such a mesmerizing face is a thing of beauty and worthy of admiration. 

Here are some more of his amazing photographs for you to enjoy! 


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