The Absolutely Stunning Landscapes Of Canada

Amazing photos from the multi-talented photographer Finn Beales - 8 years ago by

Who doesn’t love a great landscape composition? This artist’s work that I am about to show you is so incredible that the Canadian Tourism Commission asked him to help them with their campaign of promotional photos for Canada and the beautiful landscape in it. Finn Beales is this amazingly talented photographer that I am talking about. He is one of the most respected photographers in Canada and you’re about to understand why. This series of photos that he took are all made in or somewhere around Alberta, Canada and are so stunningly beautiful that it kind of gives you the feel that you are actually there, you can almost feel the wind blowing your face. As unbelievable as it sounds, Beales managed to capture absolutely everything that makes that certain area gorgeous, and I mean everything. From the magically bright blue lakes and all the way to the common for these areas astonishing moose and the great majestic power of the mountains. Finn is the type of artist that loves travelling around the whole world in order to capture some of its most amazing and stunning views and to be honest he is doing a pretty good job of it. Here is some of his amazing work in Alberta and be sure to check his website to enjoy more of his marvelous photography skills, alongside the rest of the Alberta series: