Ten Simple Pleasures Which Cost You Nothing

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You don't always have to pay to get your daily dose of entertainment. Getting to appreciate the simple, free things you have around you in your daily life is the key to enjoying it more and living it to its fullest.


Physical Contact

Oh yeah, I know what you are thinking and although its clearly one of the best sorts of free entertainment you can get it is not limited to only sex. You can be perfectly fine if you are single. Friends, family members, colleagues, people you know can offer some pleasant time with zero expenses. Hugs never hurt anybody. Spending minutes and hours with your loved ones is clearly on top of all charts, unless you are an extreme loner or have an extremely bad mood, and even then they can fix your problem right up.


Long Walks

Or any sort of exercise really. Our days are very hectic, no denying that, however for most people they are spent in front of a computer, operating a machine, or in a vehicle. Rarely you'll be able to simply walk and take on the scenery, so why not do it when you are free. It is healthy, it is relaxing, and most importantly it costs you nothing but time. Thankfully parks are in abundance nowadays, but if there is no place with lots of trees nearby going outside of town can be an option. Taking a walk in the evening/morning yields the best results too, less vehicles and cooler air. Mix up with some strength exercises.


Common Courtesy

Grumpy people are known to spread negative emotions around them and in the end that doesn't help anybody. Try to be positive, smile a lot, give compliments and you will make someone's day better for sure. It is the same on the receiving end of course, but giving out positive vibes is the first step. People most likely won't approach you if they sense hostility. Not to mention negative feelings have, well, negative effects on our lifespan. Give common courtesy where its due, be sincere about it and you will receive some in return. Cheap trick for some free pleasure.


Enjoying the Weather

Hey, clouds are interesting. And so is the sun(just don't look directly at it). Or perhaps the rain? Some individuals enjoy feeling the rain in their hair, others will bathe in the sunlight. Different strokes for different folks but the universal fact is - when the weather matches our mood/preferences it will improve it significantly if we pay attention. Talking about the weather is one of the most common conversation themes for a good reason, we are interested in it and love it when it fits us!


Town Celebrations

One sure way to get into the Christmas mood is going outside and watching how different everybody acts in comparison to a regular, eventless day. And this is just one, bigger holiday. Various new things are happening all the time, from concerts to important openings. The scenery changes and becomes interesting, being interested breaks the boredom, getting rid of the boredom makes you entertained, it is a pretty obvious chain of events. The beauty of it all is that it also combines long walks and enjoying the weather into a neat package.



Dreams are nice. You don't even need to exert much effort to acquire them, just close your eyes and get  a rest. As with the physical contact part, there are various articles about how to get the most enjoyment out of the activity. During the day daydreaming can be a substitute, just you and your imagination working together to bring your dreams to life. Having to wait in a line? Daydream. Having time to waste before the class/work shift ends and don't want anyone to notice? Daydream. It is a bit dangerous to keep doing it every time you get bored though, don't get addicted!


Receiving Stuff

We love receiving presents, this is a given. Birthday presents, Christmas presents, Nameday presents and most of all random presents. It can even happen while walking on the street, they'll just shove something in your hands for "testing purposes" . It extends into the realm of favors too. A buddy can return a favor you don't even remember you did, but hey, it is free, we don't question it. Don't be shy, always been on the lookout!


Cleaning up

Now, I understand people are different and there are some of them, who don't mind a messy room/apartment. There are however two big motivators to stop that - the bad smell and the visitors. Even though you don't mind that pile of used clothes in the corner once it starts to smell there is no escape. And then your friends come up and the embarrassment settles in. If you gotta do it you better enjoy it. Turn the music on, do it in the morning with open windows so the fresh air can caress your face, set up a plan, it will all help with reducing the frustration and making cleaning a fast and easy job. Something you will enjoy the results of, oh yes.


Enjoying Your Work

You can't always do what you enjoy, simple fact. Your daily job can become a drag, something you don't think about or regard with contempt when talking about it. One step to improve the attitude towards what you are doing for a living is to think about the things you create, the lives you improve, the contributions to your organization. Changing your mindset from "this sucks" to "this is important and valuable" can go a long way. Once you've accepted the value of what you do, you can concentrate on it more and make it better. Eventually you'll be the boss, your expertise will improve, the quality of your work will skyrocket and you will enjoy every minute of it. Of course this doesn't apply to the people, who are already making money with a smile on their face. Much power to them for having a lot of pleasure for free!


Pleasant Surprises

Life is dull until one of these happens. Some call it luck, some call it divine intervention, some call it karma. There is no doubt though, even when you are at the bottom something positive can and will happen. It is an old saying and it holds true especially today. We are so mobile, which also reflects in our dynamic environment, in such environment random things will come out of nowhere and some of them will be especially pleasant. You don't expect them, don't prepare for them, don't even look for them but they will come, that is for sure.