Ten Interesting Unsolved Mysteries

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The fascinating world of unsolved mysteries can be a tricky one. Imagine investing a huge amount of time into something, which turns out to be a hoax in the end. But what if. These ten mysteries are interesting in their own way, have stirred some heated discussions and most of all touch on some popular themes.


Rudolph Fentz

Time travel is very popular among the mystery and sci-fi crowd. You can find various cases, where people supposedly traveled in time from the past(or the future), most of them completely unintentionally. Like this one. Rudolph Fentz went for a walk in the evening of 1876 when he suddenly appeared on Times Square in the year 1950. He was so confused he got hit by a car immediately and died, but then again, these time travelers are rarely caught and studied, they always disappear quickly. So, a hoax or the real deal? Well, it is popular enough to make one wonder.


The man from Taured

There is no county of Taured, but this man claimed there is, it existed for over 1000 years in fact. This strange mystery happened on 1954 in Tokyo, where local authorities caught the suspicious man and while checking his passport realized something is wrong. He eventually disappeared(of course) without a trace. Time travel is one thing, dimension travel is another, although similarly crazy. Apparently the man travelled between dimensions and in his dimension Taured is a perfectly normal part of the world. Thinking more about the whole thing, there are too many unanswered questions and very low chance for this to be a genuine account. Still, you can believe.


Sarah Joe

People disappear all the time, completely, especially at sea. This mystery is more complicated though. In 1979 five men departed from Hawaii for a fishing trip on the boat, called Sarah Joe. They never returned, a terrible storm took their lives. Nothing extraordinary so far, right? In 1988 the remains of the boat were found on an island 2000 miles away, as well as a shallow grave, which contained the remains of one of the five passengers. And this is all we know, what happened to the crew of Sarah Joe after the storm is a complete unsolved mystery.


Babushka Lady

The assassination of Kenney is by itself a big mystery. Where the shots came from? Was that guy really the perpetrator? The Babushka Lady is one more piece added to this puzzle, likely lost forever. The year is 1963, the assassination just happened, everybody is running around scared. In the crowd is a woman with a scarf. She is holding a camera, pointing it at the president. Her vintage point is perfect. When the dust settles she is nowhere to be found, the only documented photos are of her back. Who was she? What did she see and manage to capture?


Elisa Lam

A recent mystery, which caught millions of people and left them wondering, Elisa Lam died in 2013. Her death was tragic, apparently she went to the rooftop of Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles, stripped her clothes and jumped into the water tank, willingly drowning herself. Her medical condition supported the suicide angle very well. Then Youtube happened. The last moments of Elisa Lam caught on camera look to be taken directly from a horror movie. It raised all sorts of questions. The cause of death was attributed to  everything, from murder to demonic possession and ghosts. It is best to watch the video for yourself and draw your own conclusions.


Saint Germain, The Immortal

Immortality is a lucrative but impossible goal. Yes, we can extend our lifespan, but stopping aging is currently impossible. And yet this man managed to achieve just that, stopping time when he was 45 years old. Count Saint Germain was born at the end of 16th century and his last sighting dates to 1970. He was a powerful alchemist, who possessed uncanny abilities, like being a great musician, painter and being fluent in  over a dozen languages, knowledge no doubt he accumulated throughout his centuries of fruitful living. No kidding, there is even a book about him. He has been missing for decades now but he is probably just busy turning iron into gold.


The Dyatlov Pass Incident

If you want a fascinating and slightly frightening mystery story, this one is a definite top on the list. Its 1959, Russia, winter, 9 experienced sky hikers died in the Pass, The Soviet Union covers most of what really went on. The gist of it: during the night something happens, which causes the group to frantically run out of their tent. Later on they all die, unwilling to ever go back to their warmth and supplies. Theories abound. An experimental weapon? Mountain tribe? Yeti? Aliens? Surprise avalanche, which caught the experienced hikers off guard? Too many to count, and they all have their supporting arguments and rebuttals.


The Hunterkaifeck

This one is a real chiller, a story you tell in the depths of night to a bunch of friends. Except it actually happened and it is every bit as scary as it sounds. The Hunterkaifeck was a farmstead in Bavaria. On March 1922 the six people, who were living in the farm, were murdered with a mattock. Four of them were lured in the barn, the maid and the small child were killed in their beds. Ok so far, but the catch is that several days before it happened the farm's owner saw footprints in the snow, which led to the farm. He also heard footsteps in the attic. Several days after the murders local people saw smoke from the chimney and the farm animals were fed regularly. So picture this - a killer enters your house, lives in the attic for some time, then decides to kill you all, and THEN stays in your house for a bit more like he is the owner. I seriously don't envy the people who own big houses and have to check every room now. Oh, and the murderer was never caught.


The Secret Moon Base

Conspiracies, we love them! This one in particular argues that aliens were on the Moon before us, they even had a whole base there. Neil Armstrong saw them, the soviet Luna 13 photographed them. Hell, they might still be there! It is all a little crazy to be honest, most of the "evidence" comes from supposedly cut out dialogue between Armstrong and mission control regarding a huge alien ship looking at them. There is also this whole deal, where people who go to the Moon die early. Is the Government hiding things from us? Again???


The Vile Vortices

The Bermuda Triangle is a very popular mystery of today, but he is part of an even bigger one. The Vile Vortices are spread across the whole world, mostly over the seas. Twelve places of unusually high disappearance rates, aircrafts and boats. The theory goes that electromagnetic anomalies cause equipment malfunctions. What this means is all these strange disappearances happen for a reason and the Bermuda Triangle is not the sole culprit. Are The Vile Vortices for real? This is still up to debate but at least they offer a plausible explanation that for once is not related to aliens.