Tattoo Trends Of The Year

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Despite having a lot of opponents and proponents tattoos are here to stay. Everyone who has ink on their body has a pretty good explanation for it. Some people say that their tattoos symbolize a life-changing moment while others just want to stand out of the crowd. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, take a look at the ideas below as they summarize the tattoo trends of 2015.  If you are looking for something different than a tattoo of your favourite movie character or your life motto, you should not miss the following stunning tattoo designs.


Surprising or not, the cherry blossom made its way to the 2015 tattoo trends. It is appealing mainly to girls who want to start their life all over. Actually that’s what the cherry blossom symbolizes, the new beginning.

Spidersare yet another popular tattoo trend this year. Depending on the drawing itself, it may have different meanings. 

If you are sick and tired of seeing tattoos too ordinary for your taste, consider the mind-blowing space tattoos.

Animal tattoos are not a new trend, but dolphins, in particular, have gained considerable popularity over the last couple of months. The same applies to the landscapes and tattoos referring to one’s home place. 

Another interesting idea that might sound delightful to travelers is tattooing the world map and colouring the places you have already visited.

Geometry tattoos


White tattoos

Infinity symbols/ Finger tattoos

Stunning 3D tattoos