Superheroes Mashup Portraits By Sandra Chevrier

Extravagant Portraits of Girls and Superheroes - 8 years ago by

Sandra Chevrier is a Canadian artist who uses very interesting artistic techniques to create her paintings. Basically, she paints woman faces covered with popular comic superheroes, but she is doing it in a very beautiful way.

She currently lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She describes herself as a gaze collector, an idea chaser, and a full-time single mom. Chevrier works at her home studio where she creates all her collages.

Superheroes paintings are called “cages” series. Chevrier wants to recreate women trying to find freedom from the “cage” of the society’s twisted perceptions of what should or shouldn’t do. The “cage” also symbolizes the false expectations of beauty and perfection. She wants to break the limitations society places on women.

Chevrier uses collage or loose and heavy texture of paint that make women look as if they appear from a surreal world within the canvas.