Stormtroopers Are People Too!

How The Galaxy's Most Feared Troops Spend Their Free Time - 8 years ago by

When something goes wrong and things are about to get messy you have to call upon the Stormtroopers. Fierce warriors and heavily armed, they are the Galactic Empire’s best and most well trained soldiers. Always prepared, following the emperor’s every order and ready to strike at any given moment. They are not the biggest in numbers but their skills are unmatched by no one in the whole Galaxy.

But like all great heroes and fine soldiers, Stormtroopers of course have the need to relax and blow off some steam after a hard fought battle in order to get fit and be well rested when needed again.  Unbelievable as it may sound they are just people like all of us and enjoy all the simple things we all do. They watch TV, they like long walks on the beach, having picnics with their families, take hostages…Oh alright, maybe not exactly like us, but still Stormtroopers are people too.

Everybody’s got their own busy and stressful life full of problems but always remember to smile and the end of a bad day. Here are some photographs of Stormtrooper action figures put in everyday human situations: