Stephen Mcmennamy's Brain-Scrambling Combophotos

The Amazing Mash-Up Art That Will Make You Look Twice - 9 years ago by

Have you ever seen an ice cream ski slope? No?  How about a banana pencil or a tomato boxing glove? Not even the doughnut headphones?

Yeah, me neither but Stephen McMennamy had me fooled there for a second. He is an amazing artist who mashes up food and everyday objects with landscapes to create amazing photographs that will definitely change your perspective.

This is all a part of the Atlanta-based art director’s ongoing Combophoto project. His work looks really simple, but is actually a product of a very careful and professional splicing of the two pictures together to get that brain-scrambling result.

When asked about his inspiration for this project, McMennamy said: “It’s really just from looking around and seeing what things are out in the world might make for an interesting fit or what would make for a nice contrast once combined.”

Well I think it is absolutely safe to say that you shouldn’t believe everything you see! Or at least know you should always look twice. I bet Stephen’s work made you do it.

Here are some more of his amazingly delightful eye-catching combophotos…