Star Wars Episode 7: The New Heroes

Star Wars Episode 7 will introduce brand new main characters into the franchise. They are destined to take the torch from the old generation and carry it towards the bright and Sith-less future. - 8 years ago by

Star Wars Episode 7 will introduce brand new main characters into the franchise. They are destined to take the torch from the old generation and carry it towards the bright and Sith-less future. New faces are going to appear on both sides of the fence and as far as we know they can all become masters of the Force at some point in the movies. Or maybe they are ones already?



Finn is a black guy, who was seen brandishing a blue lightsaber during one of the trailers. So he is supposed to be a Jedi, right?

Well, things are a bit more complicated than that. Finn initially appears as a member of The First Order, which are basically the new and modern Stormtroopers(just like how the rebellion is now The Resistance). He abandons his job for some unknown reason and decides to walk around alone in the desert, where he meets another new character - Rey. He says that "he has nothing left to fight for", which can be the sign an identity crisis of sorts.

Things only get weirder considering the latest revelations. Finn appears to be his only name and his number is......wait for it...... FN-2187. Or Finn in short. This means he could be anyone and his real name is still shrouded in mystery. Maybe he was brainwashed at some point and finally regained his memories. Either that or he got fed up with being a nameless white helmet. His origin as of now is a hot topic for discussion.

Then we see him participating in a lightsaber duel with what is presented to us as the movie's big bad - Kylo Ren. Wild speculation ensued. Did he find Luke's old lightsaber? Seems so. Was he eventually trained by Luke himself? We saw him leaving his troop as a grown adult and we know you need to be trained in the Force from a young age....except Luke did the very same thing, but then he was from a family known for their Force powers. Easy, either Finn is from an old family of Force users or he is the new Luke Skywalker!

But wait, there is something else. Cinelix reported that The First Order's troopers were trained to fight with lightsabers and shields. If this is the case then it wouldn't be a surprise for this "duel" to be just a major ass kicking in the favor of the true Force user. And of course let us not forget how weird it is for actual non-Jedi/Sith to fight with the designated Jedi/Sith weapon.

What can I say, Finn is a very interesting fellow, it could take hours if not days to think about every possibility related to him and the other new characters.



Rey is a badass woman. Remember that desert planet Finn decided to stay on? Well, it is called Jakku and it is your regular lawless hellhole. Not a pleasant place, but Rey managed to make it her home. She is a scavenger and she learned how to deal with the dangers in her own way.

Rey's  past is a mystery, but then again - most of the characters' pasts are nothing but speculation. She refers to herself as "no one", but her last name has not been revealed at all. I wonder why?

Hints are all over the place, from dropped statements to toys. Hints, which strongly suggest that she might be a Skywalker/Solo, daughter of Han Solo and Leia Organa, destined to take the lightsaber and become a strong Jedi. The internet went as far as posting images, which show the similarities between her and Padme Amidala  of all people. Looking like your grandma is not that uncommon, maybe if she looked exactly like Leia the speculations would have ended there and then.

Anyway, much like Finn she will join the good fight against The First Order after the latter starts gaining power across the galaxy. It is unknown whether or not she will be a Resistance fighter from the beginning, but she'll join eventually.

Meanwhile we can expect some interesting dynamics between her(an experienced survivor) and Finn(the fish out of water).


Kylo Ren

And here we are at last, trying to figure out just who is behind the mask of what looks to be the villain in the new movie. Oh, and this guy does enjoy wielding fancy weapons, just look at his lightsaber!

Lets start with the basics. Kylo Ren has the skull of Darth Vader and wants to fulfill his legacy. He is a member of the powerful Knights of Ren(hence his name), a group of seven elite warriors who work together for a common cause. The director J. J. Abrams also hinted that Kylo Ren might not be a full-fledged Sith and instead he takes orders from someone higher and darker than him. Darth Vader and The Emperor anyone? He is also about to kick Finn's ass!

As for who he really is, the debate is still ongoing and all sorts of crazy theories are being thrown about. He might be Luke Skywalker, who is trying to finish off what his father started. Which is crazy, but some people believe it!

He can also be Luke's son, just like how Rey can be Leia's daughter. It kind of makes sense and fits nicely with the growing confrontation between him and the two main good guys on their quest to find the enigma that is Luke Skywalker.

In the end I guess he is just someone missguided, who needs to be saved from himself and the clutches of The Dark Side. Whether or not it'll happen during the 7th movie is unknown, after all there will be others after it.

So in the end anybody can be someone's child or sibling, only Finn is immune to that because of his skin color, hurray! Who is who? Only The Force(and the writers) know the right answer.