Small Apartment Design Ideas

See some cool ideas for you tiny apartment. - 8 years ago by

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in a large apartment. Unfortunately, many people just don’t have the money to buy bigger place or any place at all and live in a rented property. However, you can do miracles with your tiny apartment. Below, I will show you some good design ideas from designers around the world you might use to fill up your tiny space. You will see that you do not need large apartment to have elegantly furnished rooms.

# 1 – Are you a book lover? Here is one compact bookshelf idea you might like. 

Source: minimalistic design for your bookshelf.

# 2 – Placing Curtain around the bed is both stylish and compact solution

Great idea for the kids’ room
Bed curtains look stylish and protects against mosquitoes. Source:

# 3 – If all you need to work is a laptop, you should check these cool ideas.

Just use the bookshelf.

Source: the other hand, you can always use small table for your laptop


# 4 – Do you have a balcony in your small apartment? Not a problem, you can turn it to your small private garden. 

Amazing colorful garden at your small balcony.

# 5 – The kitchen is very important room in every apartment, no matter how big or small it is. Here are some great ideas for that tiny kitchen space you got.

Small does not mean that you won’t have everything you need to make masterpieces in the kitchen.

# 6 – Sometimes you need to combine bedroom with bookshelf and workspace if you want to fit everything  in the small space you got.



# 7 – Small modern bathroom is all you need.

Cute small sized bathroom with everything you need. Source:

# 8 –Make every square inch matter in the living room counts.