Simple Ways To Reduce Stress

Stress can seriously damage your physical and mantal health so reducing it has to be number one priority. - 8 years ago by

Stress can seriously damage your physical and mantal health so reducing it has to be number one priority.

People who maintain less stressful life sleep better, have much energy, positive outlook on life and are highly productive in their daily activities. However, you have to be aware that reducing stress is not an easy task and you have to be prepared to make some fundamental changes in your lifestyle. There will be habits you will have to kill for good.


Identifythe cause of stress

Is it your job or there is something bothering about your romantic life. Professor Cary Cooper, a health expert at the University of Lancaster, suggests that the keys to good stress management are:

  • building inner strength

  • controlling the situation

  • being part of good social circles

  • finding the silver lining in your life: focusing on the positive things.


Build a good support network but minimize communication with stressful people

When you are feeling overwhelmed it is advisable to talk to a good friend whom you can tell about your problems. This can be relieving. A problem shared is a problem halved. On the other hand, calling a friend is not always an option. In some cases, talking to other people can only make the situation worse. Stay away from people who have a negative outlook on life, tend to complain a lot and talk about nothing but their problems. Also, avoid talks on topics that make you upset. Aim to build a good support network of family, close relatives, colleagues and friends. Talking problems through with a good friend or family member will not only make you relaxed but also will help you come up with a solution but be careful - share your problems only with trusted ones.


Spend some quality "me time"

Once in a while everyone needs to spend time by themselves doing the things they enjoy the most like doing yoga, watching TV, having a massage and so on.


Help others

Many people feel relaxed when doing charity work and helping people in a bad situation than theirs. Moreover, a recent research shows that people who volunteer and do community work become more resilient and happy. Seeing people who are in a worse situation than yours makes you think differently. It also helps you put things into perspective. Still, there is no need to spend much time doing community work especially when you are on a busy schedule. Doing favours to people costs nothing but means a lot. In the end, you will realize how better and contented you feel because what you have done to help.


Physical activity

People who suffer stress-related problems must know they can gain a lot of benefits by exercising more often. Physical activity keeps your body in good shape and makes you unload the baggage mentally and physically. There is evidence that exercising on a regular basis significantly reduces stress levels. Furthermore, it helps you clear your thoughts and build a positive mindset. It is not necessary to do heavy lifting, push-ups and sit-ups, and work out in the gym for long hours every day. A short walk during your lunch break is good enough. You may also come back home on foot. Don't put it off for too long, pick up any sports activity you like and start exercising today!


Quit unhealthy habits

This includes avoiding eating junk food, smoking, drinking alcohol, fuzzy and caffeine-rich drinks. Adding too much salt to your daily meals can be harmful, too, so be careful about it. Reduce your sugar-rich meals consumption. Heavy smokers might find it impossible to quit that habit but over the long term, such effort will be worth it. Keep in mind that eating sweets, smoking, drinking coke, coffee and alcohol may give you a temporary comfort but it won't solve your problems. What is more, it can make it worse by bringing more stress to your life.


More tips to follow:

  1. Listen to music

  2. Launch a proper diet. Focus on vegetables, fruits, herbal tea.

  3. Laugh more

  4. Do not burn the candle from both ends - take time to rest.

  5. Sleep at least for seven to eight hours.

    1. Practice deep breathing.

    2. Daily meditation eases anxiety.

    3. Choose happiness and tranquility over meaningless arguments.

    4. Focus on the good things in your life.

    5. Don’t think too much about previous mistakes. Move forward.

    6. Don’t judge too hard. Learn to forgive yourself and others.


Many people tend to cope with stress by doing utterly unhealthy things like excessive smoking and alcohol-drinking. This is the worst thing you can do. There is always a solution no matter what the problem is. Thankfully, stress-related health problems are very common issue these days. Researchers put in a lot of effort to examine the causes so to find a cure.

Stress can be overcome as long as you remain persistent and willing to have a fulfilling life.