Robert Egger's Awesome Concept Bike

The fUCI breaks all the rules... - 8 years ago by

This is probably the coolest concept of a bike that we have ever seen around but there is something really interesting about it. Its creator Robert Egger broke almost every rule of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) in their regulations and limitations of how to make a bike. And get that – he called it fUCI (eff* you see eye).

The basic technical regulations of the UCI states that the two wheels of the bike must be the same size. That was the first thing Egger ignored and the first rule he broke, as the back wheel of his concept bike is 33.3 inches, made like that in order for the riders to reach a bigger speed in no time and without much effort.

In his own words Robert said: “The UCI really caters to a very small population, but there’s so many other people out there who couldn’t care less about the UCI, they don’t follow the racing and they don’t even know all the limitations that are put on bikes for the UCI riders. So, my feeling was let’s design a bike for someone who really just wants to go fast on a road bike.”

He added an electric motor in the hub so that he can avoid that hard exhausting start and can let it all to the motor, which he interestingly compared to the turbo installment in sports cars.

“This is an e-bike. It has a motor here, in the bottom bracket, so just like when you ride the turbo and you put your foot on the pedal and it lurches forward, the same thing here. This little motor will get the flywheel up to speed so when you’re stopped at a stop sign, or when you’re starting out of your garage in the morning, this’ll be that burst of power to get the flywheel up and running.”- is what Robert said about the motor

But that’s not all, he also broke some rules with the shape of the bike, that has a very interesting kind of swooping design that actually makes it look more badass for sure and it gives it a more anatomic fell. He even added a place to store some of your stuff like cycling that is located in the seat, so you can leave there your wallet and keys and maybe even a spare tire while you’re riding this awesome bike. It also has a removable lithium battery and a space that holds your smartphone (and it fits perfectly) that can be used for recharging your phone, as it is powered by the battery in the handle. Seriously, this bike gives every rider an infinite amount of possibilities and a variety of interesting new innovative thinking in creating a bicycle.

The incredible fUCI project took Robert and his team six months and it sends a clear message to everybody that they are willing to bend and break the rules in order to make it more daring and comfortable for the riders that will surely just love it.