Old Shoe Factory Turned Into A Giant Urban Playground

Former 10-story building magically transformed into an amazing playground - 9 years ago by

The City Museum in St. Luis is probably the biggest most exciting urban playground ever built. Placed in the 600,000 squared-feet former 10-story international shoe company, this just might be the ultimate playground.


This remarkable museum is the creation of sculptor and artist named Bob Cassilly who spent years reconstructing and renovating the place and finally opened in 1997. Sadly Cassilly passed away in 2011 but his brainchild is always under construction and constantly updating with all kind of new features because of a group of 20 artists known as the Cassilly crew. 

There are so many amazing things you can see inside. For example the sky-high jungle gym made out of two airplanes, or the giant 10-story slides, a pipe organ, hundreds of feet of tunnels, a shoe lace factory, ball pits, an aquarium, a circus arts facility, restaurants, A BAR and of course a Ferris wheel on the rooftop alongside an old school bus hanging just a little from the rooftop. The best thing about it is that it is actually a very massive recycling project as all the materials used for it are construction cranes, old chimneys and bridges.


So if you have kids or you still feel like one, or just like St. Luis and want to find a reason to go there, it is absolutely crucial for you to go visit this remarkable place.