Movies Which Will Make You Feel Good

We watch movies for different reasons. We want to be scared, we want to feel the thrill, we want to be pumped so much we can't sit in one place, we want to have fun, we want to feel sad. These ten films are especially good on doing just that. - 8 years ago by

Slumdog Millionaire

The title betrays what is going to happen in the movie - a boy from the slums becomes a millionaire by playing the game. Things are not that easy however and some scenes are genuinely hard to watch. It is one of those movies, where the journey gives it unique character and charm(it is in India after all) and the payoff will leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth. A bit of a modern fairy  tale, a bit of harsh reality, you never stop cheering for the protagonist to succeed, an underdog story done right.


Spirited Away

A bit of a tough nut this one. The animation does not tell you initially how serious this Japanese offering is going to be and frankly there are some outright scary moments. As a small girl the viewers will explore an exhilarating world of legends, while getting to know its inhabitants and the main character herself. It is a gripping story, which will never leave you indifferent. Themes like duality, finding your true self, humility and respecting nature are carefully woven into what has to be one of the most emblematic animated films ever. The final itself connects everything beautifully together and makes sure you leave it a better person. A must watch.



Leslie Nielsen's seriousness is just too funny to watch. Sometimes it doesn't work but sometimes it is ingenious. Airplane is a parody of the old disaster movies, the imminent plane crash ones in particular. Nowadays parodies have sort of a bad rep, where too many pop culture and offensive jokes are thrown at you with little substance. Not the case here. The plot is coherent, the characters actually have a story and personality, the gags are in your face and dead serious, it is all so absurd you can't help but laugh and of course be happy when it all ends well for the crew.


How to train your dragon

This is one of the highest rated animated films for a very good reason. It follows a main character, who feels totally out of place and wants to employ a totally new approach to a certain problem. This being dragons, of course. The lack of communication causes enmity and distrust, it takes an open minded individual to break the circle and create peace. The central point of the whole movie is the relationship between a boy and a dragon, which eventually changes everything. Putting forth themes we can all relate to, sporting lovable main cast and impressive visuals, this is something you should watch when you are in need of some pleasant escapism.


Shaun of the Dead

Creating a horror comedy is a tricky business. You can very easily disappoint one part of your audience and make the other disgusted. Shaun of the Dead does it right though. With an everyday Joe character put in impossible situations, multiple references to classic zombie films and a fair share of nastiness it delivers the fun and doesnt shy away from the horror. A fair warning needs to be issued however: this movie is more for horror fans than fans of soapy romantic comedies. But then again, you can always be happy this is not happening to you.



A classic film with tons of witty humor and crazy inventions. The Ghostbusters' weapons and car have become iconic and for a very good reason. While Shaun of the Dead caters to the horror audience Ghostbusters is for everyone to watch and enjoy. The ghosts are silly looking(a giant marshmallow man?), our main guys are wacky and the effects are cool enough even by today's standards. A fine example of what a comedy, which doesn't take itself too seriously without going completely over the top, should be, so better bring the popcorn and your family along.


Back to the Future

Imagine you are being sent back in time and have to make your own parents hook up with each other. But suddenly your mother develops a crush for you. It may sound creepy but it is actually very smart and fun to watch. Doc Brown and Marty McFly are great characters to follow around, the villain is someone you can enjoy hating without being completely over the top and stealing the show, the jokes are amusing, the car kicks ass and most importantly it makes you feel good throughout and long after it is over. A nice alternative to the overly complicated time travel movies of today.


Guardians of the Galaxy

This Marvel take on the space opera genre is...well...a marvel for the eyes first and foremost. The budget is big enough to show some of the most breathtaking space and action scenes. But it is the characters, who steal the show. A talking tree following a talking raccoon around, a green space chick(hello captain Kirk!), a musclebound  meathead with no sense of humor and a space pilot who likes to goof around way more than he should team up to save the galaxy and make you smile all the way through. A lighthearted space adventure for everyone.


Lion King

Perhaps Disney's best animated movie, Lion King is king when it comes to lifting up moods worldwide. From the characters to the beautiful soundtrack it grips you and leaves you with something to remember for the rest of your life. It is a classic  tale of treason, revenge, love, friendship, finding strength and purpose. Young Simba's journey will make you satisfied the whole way and unless you are an extreme cynic you'll enjoy every minute of it. Suited for all ages, it is the perfect animation to watch with your kids.


The Gods must be Crazy

A bit of a forgotten classic, this movie is a lot of fun. We follow a travelling Bushman, who has to leave his tribe to deal with a coca cola bottle. On his journey he encounters various aspects of civilization in all its crazy glory. It may sound derogatory at first but you'll soon realize it is mostly harmless fun and our civilization is not presented at its best. In fact we will laugh more at it than the Bushman's innocent ignorance. After all he is a good guy through and through. Maybe you will even agree with him, the world is crazy.