Monica Lee's Unbelievably Realistic Drawings

This young artist has an eye for detail like no one else - 8 years ago by

Today we are going to show you some amazing art work by the young artist Monica Lee. Monica has been a digital artist for over 12 long years before finally making the huge decision to follow her biggest dream to become an illustrator. Her art is so photorealistic that it is absolutely safe to say that she is addicted to detail. Just see the freckles and scares and all the amazing details on all those faces. These incredibly complex drawings can take up to 3 or 4 weeks of to be finished. Some of her projects are actually based on pictures and photographs by other artist, for example “The girl with glasses” by Marteline Nystad. But nonetheless no one can argue that the level of detail this girl infuses in her drawings in matched by very few if none in the whole world. This insane amount of true visible emotion and captivating realism that she manages to capture with just a simple pencil is absolutely breath-taking and astonishing. It is hard to actually acknowledge the fact that these are just some drawings on a piece of white paper, as the people drawn by Monica feel like they are almost alive. They are so masterfully done, that you can actually see the soul and can be quite easy to mistake for an old black and white photo. With the way she depicts all of those people’s character, emotions and even all the flaws, Ms. Lee makes us even relate to those people, gives them life on a piece of paper. And the closer you look, the more you find out and the more you realize what an unbelievable sense of detail that girl possesses. Truly an awe-inspiring work!

Here are Monica's words on where she drew her inspiration from: “I grew up appreciating the value of photographs. That’s why I prefer the photo-realist style compared to other styles. And recently, I came across the work of Dirk Dzimirsky and Paul Cadden. Their realism works with just graphite pencils totally blew me away! And I want to be able to do that.”

If you liked and enjoyed Monica Lee’s work you can check her out at her Instagram or her Facebook page:

Here is some more of her hyper realistic art: