Mikko Lagerstedt’S Breathtaking Atmospheric Night Photography

Mikko Lagerstedt is a Finish freelance art photographer, specialized in atmospheric night landscape photography. - 4 years ago by

Lagerstedt feels very passionate about capturing breathtakingly incredible landscape vistas in home country Finland. Each photo is an astonishing reflection of nature’s wonders.

Interesting fact is that Lagerstedt is a self-taught professional. The spark of his inspiration was lighted in 2008. One summer day he was driving to a relative's cabin when he was struck by the immensely beautiful views of the countryside - the sun shining again after rain and the fog rising. Soon after this insightful experience, he became deeply interested in capturing marvels of nature. He spends his time shooting meadows, forests, mountains, lakes and skies at night. His exceptional nature prints show the divine beauty of Finland.

Learn more about his work and latest prints: www.mikkolagerstedt.com / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / DeviantArt / Flickr