Mental Tools For Personal Growth: Secrets To Success

The truth lies in the way you see yourself and the world around you. - 8 years ago by

It’s a fact of life that some people are more successful than others. But why does that happen? What is it that makes people happy – money or success? Is happiness defined by success and social recognition or having a wealth of money and high standard living is fully enough?

For hundreds of years mankind has been asking those questions over and over again, and for that time many answers have been figured out and rediscovered again. The truth lies in the way you see yourself and the world around you. Therefore, if you feel like you need a dramatic change in your life for good, you should start with the way you think of yourself.

One of the main principles you must acknowledge is that you yourself have to take full responsibility about the events that happen in your life.  There is no point in blaming for other people: your family, your employer, loved one, the government, even your neighbor for the lack of success in your life and the failures you have been experiencing recently. It’s you who has full control over your life and the sooner you adopt a happiness mindset, the better your life is going to change, and success will be only a matter of time. Bear in mind that happiness is a state of mind. Accepting the idea of happiness as part of your life, is the first positive step, and probably the most significant, towards success.

Assess your purpose in life

Set a definite goal, one that will give you a reason to eagerly get up and start every new day. Make sure to choose a realistic and achievable goal, one that matches best your interests, talents and abilities. Choose something that you really feel passionate about because only then you will be able to push harder and remain strong when the road gets rocky. Success can be ensured if you have a burning desire and it drives you to take appropriate action towards achieving your goal. The key is to know what you want and how you intend to get it.

Set realistic and consistent goals

Indeed, goal setting is known the most powerful way to get yourself together, boost motivation and stay focused. Depending on their length, goals can widely vary from short-term to medium or long-term. In the best case, you can mix them: pursue a few short-term goals on the way to pursue one that is primary. Have you ever tried writing down your goals on a piece of paper? This act alone will help you instill the idea in your mind. It would be easy to see clearly the path to attaining that goal.

Learn to handle failure

Failure is part of the game. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to recognize and appreciate success when it happens. Naturally, we, human beings, are second to none in making ourselves feel bad and quick to quit when a battle is lost. Let’s go back to school for a while. Can you remember what your reaction was after you get back your Mathematics test filled with red checks and error marks? Most people tend to dwell too much on things they failed than the ones they excelled. Yet, your life would be much better if you had eyes to see all the beauty around you.  

Learn to ignore negative statements

Often negative statements such as: “You’ll never make it this far” or “You aspirations are ridiculous” are goal-breakers; they take away motivation and create fear of failure and fear of rejection. Indeed, such situations can leave us on the receiving end feeling lost and hopeless. Negative attitude is what builds barriers towards individual accomplishments. Therefore, don’t let the misjudgement of low-minded people discourage you, listen only to your inner voice. It’s the beliefs that impact the way you feel and act.

The best ways to overcome fear of success are:

  • Apply the can-do attitude.
  • Stand ready and willing to challenges. It’s preferable to leave your comfort zone every now and then.
  • Delete the negative talks and keep moving forward 
  • Stop making excuses or blaming yourself. Focus on enhancing your self-esteem. Let the pride of accomplishment be your driving force.
  • Eliminate all the “musts” and “shoulds”.
  • Take the evolving way. Never stop seeing yourself climbing up the success ladder.
  • Believe and feel with every fiber that you are a powerful person capable of attainting his goals and mastering his own life.


If you aim to see a positive effect in your life and dramatically increase your chances of career success and personal growth, use these steps and let them guide you.

Remember, the best things take time and success happens when hard work meets opportunity.