Keep Fit And Have Fun

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Dieting seems like a torture to you and you find it difficult to resist the delicious snacks you are used to? You keep promising yourself you are going on a diet from next Monday, after Christmas or at the beginning of the summer and every time you fail in keeping your promise and have another high-calorie meal instead of the healthy fruit salad you were supposed to eat? Well, that’s the vicious circle everyone trying to lose a few pounds is involved in.

You can hardly find a nutritionist or a fitness instructor who would tell you that you can lose weight only by reducing the daily calories, though. To be more precise, it is possible to lose weight this way but the “side effect” will not be really attractive. I am talking about the unhealthy-looking skin and the loose muscles in particular. Even if you reach the perfect weight, the chance to be disappointed with what you see in the mirror are pretty high. I presume you have already got it that the combination of lighter food and physical exercises is the key to having the beautiful figure you have always wanted. And here comes the next setback everyone determined to lose weight has to overcome. 

Despite the tremendous popularity fitness has gained over the last decade or so, many people feel embarrassed to go to the gym and be surrounded by people who have been working out for years, which make them feel they are just at the wrong place. In addition, if you are not performing the exercises properly, the desired effect will not be visible anytime soon. However, there are alternative methods for avoiding the unpleasant side results after losing weight and the best of all is that you will be under supervision and will be a part of a group where all the other members are passionate about keeping fit and supporting you whenever you feel down. The latter is critically important otherwise you might quit after several unsuccessful attempts. 

Dance Lessons

That’s probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about alternative methods for weight reduction and for a reason. Dancing is a fun way to escape from the daily routine and perform some physical activity after a long day spent on the office chair. Apart from the latin dancing lessons or you can also attend lessons where you can learn the dances of your home country. You will be amazed how little you know about the culture of the country you were born in, no doubt about that. 


Let’s talk about the most widespread alternative of fitness – namely Zumba. What makes it such a great solution to all your weight loss-related issues is that you can join in at any time. There are no complicated steps you have to learn in advance. You will definitely memorize everything while moving your body in the rhythm of the music. You might be surprised to know that one – hour Zumba lesson helps you burn up to 700 calories and the best of all is that when you have fun time flies, so spending one hour dancing and listening to your instructor will feel like a few minutes. Sounds better than deadlift and squats, right?


You know how important cardio is for burning calories, but the treadmill is too boring or tiresome for you? Why don’t you opt for Tae Bo, considered the best cardiovascular exercise ever? In a nutshell, Tae Bo combines kicks, punches and aerobics and inspirational music as a background. It is a high energy workout that also enhances your coordination, muscular endurance, and flexibility. 

Kangoo Jumps

Initially used for relieving the pressure on runner’s joints, Kangoo shoes have made their way to the gyms and help you stay in shape by helping you burn twice as many calories than during a regular aerobics session. 

At first glance, you might think it is difficult to balance while wearing these funny shoes but once you put them on you have to be prepared for an intense calorie burning and lots of fun.

At the end of the day, all that matters is to feel good and like your body. Find the sports activity that is truly entertaining to you and exercising will not be a torture anymore.