Julia Petrova's Unique Watercolor Paintings

This young artist brings a different meaning to the word vibrant - 7 years ago by

When describing watercolor painting, you won’t see many words like “cool”, “captivating” or “mesmerizing”. This kind of art is most usually used for making more simple kinds of portraits or just peaceful, not engaging sunrises or sunsets, or any kind of nature background. But here, this young artist is single handedly revolutionizing the whole concept of the watercolor painting with such images as teens smoking cigarettes, car crashes, the difficulties of a troubled teenage mind and all kinds of “out of the box” stuff that will definitely make you reconsider in giving this art another chance. Here today we are going to show you the subversive and provocative art of Julia Petrova.

Julia’s paintings have a very much needed look, that touches so many new and modern topics and the technique she uses is definitely “new school” stuff. You can tell by the first look of her paintings, as they are so full of lush, all kinds of tropical trees and plants and a very much urban kind of background and surrounding. Petrova’s paintings are full of intriguing material that will make for a great teen analytic book or something like that. With graphic topics like car crashing with some strange pink smoke coming out of it or the depiction of death itself, or a woman with a dagger and a cut wound on her foot, all of Julia’s paintings bring something unique and absolutely surreal and even at times some downright strange and scary stuff. But it is obvious how rich and vibrant her work really is. There is undoubtedly something so weird and at the same time so mesmerizing that just makes you crave for more.

Here is some more of Julia Petrova’s colorful and intriguing work for you to enjoy: