In The Eye Of The Storm: Amazing Photographs By Francisco Negroni

This Chilean photographer is an astonishing daredevil and a true artist - 8 years ago by

Have you ever heard of tornado and storm chasers? Literally mad scientist that will do anything to get inside the eye of the storm just so they can analyze it and get to understand it better. Well, this guy puts all kinds of those in his back pocket and brings total shame to them. Francisco Negroni is a Chilean photographer and a true daredevil that managed to capture the destructible and downright scary power and rage of good old “Mother nature” and he got to discover it up close and personal. In this series of pictures taken from his freelancing the last few years you will see and experience throughout these stunning images the raw and fierce power and beauty of a giant thunderstorm. And even though I am sure there is no other feeling that even comes close to what it might be for one to actually be there in person to witness this massive event, these photos will get you as close as you can imagine and will definitely give the same disturbing and most of all humbling feeling that it gave me. Some of you might even have some doubts about whether these are photoshopped or not but I can assure you they are a 100% real and are exactly that graphic and immense and intense. And how can they not be, I mean these are all the scariest and yet stunningly beautiful things that nature can show us – from lightning strikes all the way to rapidly erupting volcanoes. An amazing work from Francisco Negroni, undeniably good at what he does. But his work is not just disaster and doom related, so be sure to check his website for more of his astonishing work:

Now here is more of his photos that show us the wrath of “Mother Nature”: