How To Prepare For A Job Interview

Attending a job interview without preparation is like thinking you can pass a driving license knowledge exam without taking any practice tests. - 8 years ago by

Attending a job interview without preparation is like thinking you can pass a driving license knowledge exam without taking any practice tests. To persuade your new employers that you are the right man for the job you need to prove your skills first. One way to do that is to demonstrate awareness of a few things. By doing that you will build an image of a responsible, reliable and skillful person, which would help you, leave great impression on the interviewer.

Most people feel anxious and less confident about themselves right before a job interview. If you feel out of your element when speaking in public, that is fine. Such problems can be easily fixed by doing sufficient preparation.

Let me introduce you a few tips on how to prepare effectively for an upcoming job interview.


Dress up

Choose wisely what to wear for the interview. You don't want to give false impression. Pay attention to detail. Look yourself in the mirror. Check your hair – if it has grown is too long, get a haircut; are you nails in good condition. You have to look polished from tip to toe. Men should have at least one suit that fits them right. Women should not go dressed like on a date. No slutty low-necked dresses or see-through shirts are allowed unless you want to send a wrong message. Pick warm light colors for makeup.


Apply honest straightforward and positive approach when talking to the interviewer

Note that in an interview room your posture matters and so is the way you answer the questions. Try to use as positive body language as you can. Your tone of voice also matters. It's important to show enthusiasm and that you are interested in the post in question as well as the organization. To make your verbal and physical response come natural you should practice a little in front of a mirror or even better try to perform the interview with a friend who will play the role of the interviewer. He or she will conveniently set the scene so you could show the best of you. Remember that you need to stay positive behaviorally and interpersonally.


Conduct a research and learn more about the company

You will make great impression if you show how knowledgeable you are about the company you want to work for. Living in the Digital Age can be greatly advantageous, especially when it comes to digging information for business purposes. Many search engines like Google, Bing, Vault, Yahoo will help you find the information - about the company, management, mission, partners, employee hierarchy - everything you need  might be one-click away. Also, if you have an account in professional networking site such as LinkedIn you might find extra information and feedback from other people who used to work there. All this will help you become familiar with the job. However, don’t set your expectations too high. There is always a chance to get frustrated.


Practice the interview

Go through the typical questions that most interviewers ask on an interview. Practice face-to-face (not over Skype) with a friend or a family member.


Think of one or two questions you will ask the interviewer

You will be there not only to answer questions. The company's representative would like to hear something from you. He or she will probably leave you to talk on your own for a few minutes. In the end, you will be asked whether you have any questions. It won't be polite to stand up, say "Goodbye" and leave the room. You may ask for a detailed job description, for example.