French Psychologist Creates Eerily Beautiful Illustrations Of Lonely Characters

The world is a surrealistic universe as Cyril Rolando sees it. - 7 years ago by

Cyril Rolando is a 30-year-old psychologist from Toulon, France. Over the past ten years he grew deeply interested in digital art. His illustrations magically combine fantasy elements and surreal style. Interestingly, Rolando has never taken any art course. He started drawing digitally in late 2003. Learnt by himself to use Photoshop, in 2007 he bought his first graphic tablet (Wacom Graphire3). After several unsuccessful attempts to draw manga style he decided to give it up and focus on surrealism things instead. He began playing with colors, adding fantasy fragments and going beyond the physical borders. His powerful urge to dive into the world of digital art was the reason he devoted his energy to mastering his digital drawing skills.

Rolando admires deeply Tim Burton, Boris Vian and Hayao Miyazaki. Their work has been an inspiration to him ever since he became passionate about digital illustrating. His art is an expression of his creativity and concepts for thrilling imaginary universes. Clearly, he searches to show the emotional side of humans. The characters in his illustrations are mainly children who got lost or carry a sad story. Rolando paints them sitting in the dark, lost in their thoughts, alone, looking somewhat depressed. Such illustrations bring sadness, maybe a bit of melancholia, but that is what makes them perfectly geniuine. Life does not work on a balance sheet, does it? As distinct from the traditional safe people with happy ending stories, his work truly stands out on the artist scale. The personal drama described in the paintings creates big impact and leaves a mark on viewers. 

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