Essential Qualities Of An Exceptional Youth Leader

Goals can be accomplished, but purpose is something that always drives people to go forward. The youth leader’s mission, specifically, is helping young people find their purpose. - 8 years ago by

Today's young people hide immense potential. However, most of them feel lost because our changing world makes them shy and insecure. Seeking for a purpose and something to add meaning to their lives they join youth communities or church groups, which is natural. Safety is in numbers. Groups are not only a place to gather people, they promote courage, motivation, and help youths find their voice. Through proper guidance and encouragement provided by a respectable leader so many good things can be accomplished.

Although the role of a youth sports leader requires great commitment, it can be highly rewarding, especially when the results start coming in. 

Responsibility, patience and self-confidence are the key qualities that define the influential leadership. One must keep everything well-organized and under control, but remain focused on the young souls. The best leader teaches good values, gives moral support, inspires and motivates, pushes gently young people to reach their potential and accomplish higher goals. And when the youths are one step closer to take on a wrong path, the leader has to point it out, but in a pleasant manner.

Key characteristics and abilities of an effective sports youth leader:

Teaching good values

Today's youngsters need to be exposed to good values more often than usual. Unfortunately, many events happening in our modern society blur the lines between right and wrong. It is the youth leader's responsibility to instill good values into teenagers' minds. Once they are able to separate right from wrong, they will know how to treat others properly. They will become more caring, pay respect to elderly people, help the ones in need, and replace hatred with compassion.


Confidence is a make or break trait of a leader. He does not need to have all the solutions, but it is essential that he remains calm and confident all the time. It is his confidence that has the group going forward following his lead. He is a role model to everyone in the group. Young people always look up to the ones who act fearless and reliable. Only a confident leader can motivate, encourage, and help them self-improve and grow confident.


A good youth leader helps others find the right direction. Having a goal and sense of mission, keeps young people motivated and eager to go as far as necessary to accomplish a goal. With a good leader on your side every troubled young soul can find the right direction. 

Must be good in relationships

Undoubtedly, the best leaders are very good in interacting with teenagers. They apply the right approach and earn trust, which is admirable.  Youth leader is similar to a life coach. He motivates, pushes kids to reach their potential, and helps them build confidence. In addition, he teaches acceptance of different cultures, overcoming fear and anxiety, and establishing self-control. Such influence is powerful enough to encourage young minds to dream and discover inner talents. Youth groups led by a confident and humble person make the best environment to improve interpersonal skills.

Loyalty-driven and open-minded

The excellent leader always listens to understand youths' problems and worries. Through compassion, patience and understanding many good things can happen. As teenagers live in a constant fear of humiliation, only an open-minded and loyal to the group person is able to accept everybody's ideas and keep their secrets, never leaving them embarrassed.

Enhance motivation

A lot of young people face problems with motivation. It is the leader’s responsibility to bring inspiration, but they need to find a purpose in life on their own. As the leader guides kids’ personal growing, he encourages them to set realistic goals. Nothing enhances motivation more like having a goal and working on achieving it. Whether it is learning a new language, developing new skills, passing important exam, going to a dream university, moving to a different place to live, or changing the area of study - having a purpose adds meaning to life.  A purpose gives reason to wake up in the morning and do what needs to be done. Unlike goals, purpose is something that never ends. Goals can be accomplished, but purpose is something that always drives people to go forward. The youth leader’s mission, specifically, is helping young people find their purpose.

Effective youth leaders combine many characteristics. It takes time, preparation and great dedication. Indeed, the job of a youth leader is not easy at all, but with the right qualities and pure intentions, everyone can achieve success.  

If the idea of youth leadership has already started to grow on you, and you recognized your qualities in this list, don’t hesitate taking the next step.