Elena Sidorova's Flop Chair Will Help You With Your House Guests

A very innovative and cool solution for the low space situation - 7 years ago by

Does anybody remember futons? Those crazy looking chairs from the 90’s that I’m sure some you probably even still have somewhere around the house or in the closet. They were pretty comfortable I can’t deny it and pretty much convenient for every type of furniture. But if you’re tired of these and want to update your living room or guest house/room/ then this is definitely the article for you. The talented Russian designer Elena Sidorova has created something exactly for your needs and it is pretty amazing and unique (if I may add).

Here comes the Flop! The absolutely stunning, ultra useful brainchild of Sidorova, that at first sight looks exactly like a regular armchair. But it is so much more than that. It actually can be opened and turned into a bed. The chair itself is completely, absolutely made out of wool and it even has a secret compartment inside the frame where you can keep both a pillow and a whole mattress. Overall it has a very modern kind of hip look, that really brings out cool and fresh new motives and combined with the clean cool lines of the design, this is definitely a piece of furniture that will find a place in the homes of many, many people! Who knows, maybe one of them could be you.