Easy Everyday Things That Will Make You Smarter

Your brain will function a lot better when you stimulate it with certain everyday activities. - 8 years ago by

Intelligence and logical thinking skills may be flexible but they need to be boosted from time to time. Your brain will function a lot better when you stimulate it with certain everyday activities. Don't worry, you don't have to do solve difficult equations in order to grow a smart mind. These are the most important goals you need to set to train your mind into smart thinking:

  • logical reasoning training
  • obtaining plentitude of information
  • thinking through an idea or problem


And here are some simple ways to do that:

Short nap between noon and 4 PM

Napping refreshes mind. Many studies report that learners who take a nap during the day have better learning speed than the ones who don't. You may have probably noticed that average people don't have time to take naps and they look and feel sleepy, especially after noon.  Why is that - because between 12 and 4 PM is the perfect time to have a nap and by doing so you will certainly increase your productivity and concentration. Note that, post-workday naps had around 6 PM have the same good effect, too.

Do programming

Programming is another good exercise for your brain offering many benefits. Many years ago, coding seemed very hard skill to learn. Fortunately, today there are many educational platforms and tutorials on YouTube that will help you craft the art of programming. If you are a beginner level, you can always start learning to code in Python. If you have the basic skills, you can challenge yourself and advance. Coding is perfect way to improve your logical thinking. Plus, programming skills will help build a better resume and improve your employability.

Spend less time on social media

As you browse the web try not to spend long hours on social media sites because they are full of meaningless information that will only mess with your brain functioning. Besides, social media bombards your mind with large portions of information and you switch through it so fast that it destroys your focus.

More video games less TV

Strange as it may seem, but it is better for your brain to play games than watching TV. Video games invite to an active performance, whilst watching TV is a passive activity. Your brain may gain information from TV, but it is not interacting. Moreover, there is a wealth of research proving that video games have a positive effect on your brain and can be used for therapeutic and educational purposes. Playing video games improves your reactions and  hand-eye co-ordination. In addition, with action video games playing you can improve performance in attention to detail as well as perceptive and cognitive abilities.


Another useful activity better than watching TV is reading a book. Similar to video games, reading makes a good exercise for your brain and improves your logical thinking skills. It requires your brain to stay active, to assimilate information and create images of what you read. It is always better than TV and surfing the web.

Discover ideas, knowledge and inspiration with TED talks

If you are not familiar with the website TED.com you should immediately correct that mistake. This is one of the largest online platforms started in 1984 offering educational talks on wide variety of issues. From state-of-the-art technology products and ground-breaking discoveries in science to time management and unleashing human's hidden creativity, this platform can update your common knowledge on so many levels. Skip your soap opera's new episode or daily news bulletin and watch some of the most inspirational and idea-rich people in the world who really have valuable ideas to share. You won't waste your time, that is for sure. Whether you are a doctor, a businessperson, a schoolteacher or a writer, everyone could use some bright ideas and watching TED talks is the best way to find inspiration.

Drink green tea instead of coffee

People drink coffee because caffeine boosts their energy and they become more productive at work. Also, too much caffeine intake is not only bad for your cardiovascular health, but it affects the nervous system, and as a result you become anxious. Green tea, on the other hand, contains an amino acid called l-theanine, which increases the alpha waves in the brain. To put it in a nutshell, whereas coffee induces anxiety, drinking high-quality green tea, such as Matcha tea, embraces concentration and cools you down without causing sleepiness.

Avoid eating sugar-rich food

You could do a lot better if you quit sugar consumption. If that is not possible, allow yourself candies and other sugars in times when you don't work so you don't have to stay focused. Sugar is bad for your brain function, so if you are willing to keep your mind smart, consider cutting down sugar for good.